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Honey Bunny As Police Petrol Honey Bunny As Police Petrol
The fun-tastic Honey Bunny will kickstart the day at 9 AM with the movie, Honey Bunny as Police Patrol where they will save the day against dangerous criminals.
Not Rated
Hindi 2019   
Honey Bunny as Super Team X Honey Bunny as Super Team X
As part of the covert Team X, Honey, Bunny, Zordaar and Popat face various dangers when they set out to capture the elusive and tech-savvy thief, Flamingo.
Not Rated
Hindi 2018   
Honey Bunny in Arabian Adventure Honey Bunny in Arabian Adventure
Honey Bunny and team are on a vacation where Honey unknowingly stumbles upon a mysterious magical lamp which contains a genie. Honey Bunny and team soon realises that the genie is actually a prince of Pandan who was trapped in the ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2020   
Honey Bunny in Bank Robbery Honey Bunny in Bank Robbery
Honey and Bunny In Bank Robbery is a slapstick fun riot. It is a story of 4 best friends who come together to help their neighbor Mr. Khanna to retain his job by solving a bank robbery and bringing the bad guys to justice.
Not Rated
Hindi 2017   
Honey Bunny in Crazy Crazy Chase Honey Bunny in Crazy Crazy Chase
In this movie story startes at honey and bunny are on their way to kanyakumari but mistakenly end up in goa while following miss katkar lookalike their their paths cross with two burglars who may end up ruining their vacation and ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2019   
Honey Bunny in Double Impact Honey Bunny in Double Impact
Honey and Bunny change places with their identical twins sohan and Mohan, who are mistreated by the evil uncle, Balram and his chela Bholaram, who are trying to steal the twins fortunes.
Not Rated
Hindi 2018   
Honey Bunny in Gangs of Filmcity Honey Bunny in Gangs of Filmcity
The Jholers set out for Film City as they get a chance to play protagonists in a movie. However, when a group of junior artists creates havoc, they decide to restore peace in Film City.
Not Rated
Hindi 2019   
Jumbo Jumbo
Animated... Jumbo is an young elephant growing up without his father. As other kids tease him for being fatherless, he goes on to find him. Eventually Jumbo becomes the war elephant for the king and avenges the death of his fat ...
Customer Average Rating 2.0000000000000000
Hindi 2009   
Kid Krrish Kid Krrish
Jadoo's memory gets extracted by Jadrookian while his father is arrested for treason. He decides to travel to earth to finish his father's mission. Krishna, on the other hand is coming to terms with his superpowers. Dadima fears p ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2013   
Kid Krrish 2 - Mission Bhutan Kid Krrish 2 - Mission Bhutan
After acquiring the sun dial from Krrish, Dr Para is now on his way to Bhutan to find a Rudraksh that holds the key to the power of Alien technology. He takes the help of Dojo, the terrible, to get an ancient tribal scroll that wi ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2014   
Kid Krrish 4 - Shakalaka Africa Kid Krrish 4 - Shakalaka Africa
An alien Gozonian tribe conspires to destroy planet Earth and rule over the entire universe. The Gozonian tribe was destroyed earlier by the inter-galactic council. However, they rose to power after the invention of a powerful wea ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2015   
Kochadaiiyaan Kochadaiiyaan
The Story of a powerful king Kochadaiiyaan, and so does his Kingdom. But on a fateful day, one of his close friends plots against him and acquires his kingdom, while he was driven away. Kochadaiiyaan gets a baby boy Rana, who grow ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2014   
Koochie Koochie Hota Hai Koochie Koochie Hota Hai
The film is an animated take on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and it marks the 20 year anniversary of its release.
Not Rated
Hindi 2021   
Krishna Aur Kans Krishna Aur Kans
It is the story of Krishna, the destiny's child, born as the nemesis of brutal king Kans who had tormented the kingdom with his ruthless dominance. Growing up as a naughty prankster, Krishna from a very early age displays his vali ...
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2012   
Krishna - The Birth (Animated) Krishna - The Birth (Animated)
He is delightfully mischievious. He is Joy and Love. He is devine. He is Krishna, the eight avatar of Lord Vishnu. Great stories for kids.
Customer Average Rating 3.0000000000000000
Hindi 2006   
Krishna - The Makhan Chor Krishna - The Makhan Chor
‘Krishna: Makhan Chor’ showcases the mischievous nature of Lord Krishna as a child. The story is set against the backdrop of his growing years under the love and care of his foster parents, Nandlal and Yashoda, to become the p ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2007   
Krish Trish and Baltiboy: Face Your Fears Krish Trish and Baltiboy: Face Your Fears
In three tales about fear, a baby elephant gets captured by a circus, two boys enter a haunted house and a parrot faces his fear of flying.
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2017   
Little Singham: Kaal Ka Badla Little Singham: Kaal Ka Badla
Little Singham's biggest enemy, the demon Kaal, is back and badder than ever -- but this time, will he succeed in destroying the world's best kid cop.
Not Rated
Hindi 2020   
Long Long Ago - Vol 3 (Animated) Long Long Ago - Vol 3 (Animated)
Birth of Krishna, Hanuman and Bhim
Not Rated
Hindi 2006   
Luv Kushh and the Ghost Army Global Luv Kushh and the Ghost Army Global
Minister of the ghost army promises everyone that they will be converted back to the human form if they bring him the purest soul on the planet. While the ghost army is all set to capture the baby 'Narad' see how Luv Kushh defeat ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2012   
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