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Frequently Asked Questions


Due to the high volume of emails received, ZDAG encourages you to read the FAQs listed here, instead of contacting ZDAG customer support

  1. Do I have to be a member to purchase titles?
    No. Just select your titles and check out.

  2. How do I Become a member of ZDAG?
    "How It Works" page tells you the process of how to join ZDAG and rent the Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, AudioBooks, Video Games & Music CDs from ZDAG. "Signup" page the start of the signing up for membership. We need your email address, password, your name and address and a valid credit card that matches exactly with the address that we will be mailing you the discs. Once you have done that we will verify your address & credit card with the card-issuing bank, charge the first month rental fee & applicable taxes and start mailing you the discs of your choice.

  3. Why become a member?
    Once you become a member, you get all the benefits of online DVD rental plans. You receive your selections via first class mail and return them in the provided pre-paid envelope. You do not drive to a store; you do not pay late fees (return when you are ready). You shop from thousands of titles in the privacy and comfort of your home at your convenience. We just mail you your selections in the order you want them. From the same place you can rent Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, AudioBooks, Video Games & Music CDs

  4. What rental plans do you offer?
    ZDAG offers very convenient & affordable rental plans:

    **For people who are far from California, we have a special plan - please look below for 'far away' plan(s).
    [Two by 2 - Max 2.] $4.99 for 1 month for rentals with 2 titles out at a time.
    Max 2 rentals per month - ** 2 DISCS per mailer - please return back two per mailer. No Video games in this rental
    [Two by 2 - Max 4.] $8.99 for 1 month for rentals with 2 titles out at a time.
    Max 4 rentals per month - ** 2 DISCS per mailer - please return back two per mailer. No Video games for this rental
    [Two by 2 - Max 6.] $11.99 for 1 month for rentals with 2 titles out at a time.
    Max 6 rentals per month - ** 2 DISCS per mailer - please return back two per mailer. No Video games for this rental.
    [Four by 2 - No Limits.] $23.99 for 1 month for rentals with 4 titles out at a time.
    Unlimited rentals per month - ** 2 DISCS per mailer - please return back two per mailer. 2 Video games out at a time only.
    [Six by 2 - No Limits.] $29.99 for 1 month for rentals with 6 titles out at a time.
    Unlimited rentals per month - ** 2 DISCS per mailer - please return back two per mailer. 2 Video games out at a time only.

    Members enjoy free and fast delivery and we provide free, pre-paid return envelopes. With no commitments, members can cancel anytime. There are no late fees and no driving to return the discs.

    The Alternate plans are to help people who are far away and can't get enough movies in a month due to postage delays. With an extra dvd out to them, it is easy to juggle the transit time and the watching time.

  5. I have signed up for a long-term pre-paid rental plan. Can I cancel that rental plan in between?
    Often ZDAG offer long-term pre-paid rental plan(s), which extends more than three months. Yes, you can cancel your rental plan in between. However, please note that once you cancel you plan ZDAG will refund you the money given by subtracting the equivalent regular monthly plan fees times the number of months you have subscribed to the long term prepaid fees. If no equivalent regular monthly rental is offered at that time, then ZDAG reserves the right to calculate the equivalent monthly fees.

  6. How does online rental work?
    Once you become a member, you make selections from the catalog by clicking on the rent button of the titles you want to rent. You make a long list of titles so that we always have something to mail you. Once you are done you can relax, we will mail you the titles from your list after successfully charging your credit card for the first month rental fees and taxes, if applicable. Once you receive them you play, listen, or watch. Once you are done enjoying those discs, put them back in the sleeve provided and mail back using the pre-paid envelope. We will send you your next selection after we get one from you. There are different types of plans available for different types of usages. You can select from 2 discs out at a time to 7 discs out at a time. The following link provides a graphical representation of the process.

  7. After I sign up, when would you mail me my choice of titles?
    As soon as you sign, your choices will be mailed the first working day provided there was no problem setting up your account and your choices are available to fill.

  8. Do I have to sign-in every time I visit?
    No you do not have to sign-in every time you visit www.zdag.com. We use cookies to keep some of your info (on your computer), so that every time you visit us, we know who you are. However, if you were using a shared or a public computer, we would highly recommend using the Logout hyperlink to end your online session and close the browser. We encourage you to visit some of our pages periodically. You should check your account under "My Account" pages so that you can look up your rentals, history, settings, etc. You should look at new releases so you can update your rental list and keep it long enough.

    Please note that members are responsible for maintaining their account information up-to-date (address changes, credit card validity etc.) Failure to report changes of address for mailing purposes, may result in discs going astray and additional charges to the member. To make any changes to your personal account information it is required that members log in and make any necessary changes under the "My Account" link.

  9. What happens when I try to signup and I get A 'Username Already Exists' error message?
    Can't happen since we use your email address as your username and that should be unique. If you have signed up earlier, please login instead of a new signup.

  10. Which mode of payments do you accept?
    Currently we accept only valid credit cards whose billing address matches the mailing address you want us to use.

  11. Which credit cards do you accept?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

  12. What is CVV2 number? Why do you require the CVV2 number anyway?
    Card Verification Value (also known as CVV2), is a number that is printed, not imprinted, on your Visa and MasterCard. This number is never transferred during card swipes and should only be known by the cardholder, the person holding the card in their hand. Visa, MasterCard and Discover card members can find their three digits CVV2 number in the signature area of your card, whereas American Express members can find the four digits CVV2 number just above the imprinted card number on the front side of the card. The CVV2 number is a way to protect your card against unauthorized use.

  13. How Do You Keep My Transactions Safe?
    ZDAG uses a 128-bit encryption secure socket layer (SSL). The industry standard SSL creates a secure connection between your browser and the server, over which the data can be sent securely. ZDAG uses SSL layer to encrypt your credit card or personal information. After 15 minutes of inactivity, we will ask your password for viewing or updating any of your personal or credit card information.

    However, your browser must support encryption technology, which ensures your data is secure. We highly recommend the use of 128 bit encryption browsers. You can check your level by opening your browser and clicking on the dropdown menu "Help/About"

    You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your member I.D. (Email Address) and password and for restricting access to your computer. Members are responsible for maintaining their account information up-to-date (address changes, credit card validity etc.)

    If you were using a shared or a public computer, we would highly recommend using the Logout hyperlink to end your online session and close the browser. Using Logout will expire all the session information that was set during your online session.

  14. I can't login into my account. The login was working perfectly until now.
    Please check the username and the password you are entering. Please note that the password is case-sensitive. If this does not work, then use "Forgot Password" link to get the password mailed to your account and try login with the information contained in the email.

    If you are still unable to login, then there might be several reasons why you cannot login into your account. However, we would suggest some of the options to fix the login problem - updating the cookie setting of your browser, resetting the browser settings to "default", updating and running the virus scan software, updating the computer with latest patches provided by your OS vendor. However, we would strongly recommend you to contact your system administrator before trying any of the listed options.

    In addition to these, we would also recommend you to check the date and time on your computer system.

    If you still experience problems with login, we would highly recommend you to login from a different computer to make sure that the problem is not at our end.

  15. Can you mail me my lost password?
    Whenever you forget your password, you can go to the 'forgot password' link below the signup page or go to "Forgot Password". It requires your email address that you use to sign up for ZDAG and your password will be emailed to you right away.

  16. Renting at ZDAG, how much it costs to become a member?
    ZDAG offers convenient & affordable rental plans details of which can be found by clicking "How It Works"

  17. Why do you charge Tax on rentals?
    For California residents the rental fees are taxed.

  18. How do I rent Movies, AudioBooks, Games & CDs?
    You need to be an active member of ZDAG to rent Movies, AudioBooks, Games & CDs. We only rent discs on a monthly subscription. For details how our rental plan works, please look at the "How It Works" link

  19. I am interested in renting an audiobook and the title says it is in "2 parts" what does this mean?
    The majority of audiobooks on our site are unabridged. Occasionally a long audiobook on tape or cd will be divided into 2, 3 or more parts. When this happens we make an effort to ship the entire book at the same time. When this is not possible (i.e. you have a title already out on rent) we will hold the remaining parts until you are ready for them.

  20. When should I expect an email saying that a disc has been mailed to me?
    Whenever our system mails you a disc, it sends a notification email to your registered email address. You have an option to opt out for such email notifications by editing your preference in your account profile. It happens the same way when we receive a disc back from you.

  21. How long will it take to get my rentals?
    We always try to ship on the same day we receive titles back from you. If you live in California, Arizona, Nevada or Oregon, it will take approximately 1-3 days before your discs are in your mailbox. For all other areas throughout the U.S., you should expect to receive your discs within 2-5 days. Due to some postal delays, orders to the east coast and some rural areas can experience a delay of an additional 1-2 days. If your order appears to be delayed, simply notify us by email and we will be happy to investigate further. If your disc never gets to you, please let us know. After a few iterations you should be able to gauge how long it takes for a disc mailer to reach you.

  22. How can I find out what titles have been shipped to me?
    You can always be notified by email as to which titles have been mailed to you and you can also look at your current rentals to check the titles out.

  23. How should I return a disc?
    The mailer that we use has a returnable part, which you should use to return the disc back to us. The mailer has postage on it so all you have to is put the disc back in its sleeve and the protective cardboard cover, if it came that way, put back in the envelope/box, seal it and mail it. You can take it to the post office (fastest way back) or put it in your outgoing mail. Sending a disc back as soon as you have enjoyed it is the best way to have a circulation going so that you always have something to enjoy.

  24. Why I was not mailed my top choice from my rental list?
    Some titles, especially newly released titles are in heavy demand and there may be some wait till you get them as indicated by the "availability" flag, which can be none, "wait", "long wait", "very long wait" or "not released". We mail you the top available title from your rental list.

    We ask that all members keep at least 30 "released" titles on their list at all times so that we can send something to you starting from the top of your rental list to get you the most out of your membership.

  25. How do I handle the envelope?
    Once you receive and envelope, follow the instructions to open the removable flap, leave the rest of the envelope intact for the return mail. Make sure you do not damage the returning envelope. It might result in the discs getting damaged or lost. It can also cause delay in us getting it.

  26. I accidentally tore the return envelope. How should I send the disc back?
    ZDAG asks that all members to handle discs with care. If you have tore the provided return envelope, then you can choose one of the following options to mail the disc back. Properly fix the envelope with tape and then mail it back. You can also ask USPS to include your torn envelope into a plastic bag and then mail it. You can also send two discs back in one envelope. Alternatively, you can send the disc, properly inserted with the provided sleeve and the cardboard, in any other envelope of yours, putting the proper postage & correct mailing address on it.

  27. Why have no titles been mailed to me even when I have mailed all my titles back?
    There can be many reasons why we may have not mailed you any titles even though you have sent them to us.
    • We may not have received them yet.
    • Your rental list may be empty.
    • We may not be able to send you any title, as all titles in your rental list are in high demand with wait as indicated in your rental list or were not released on DVD or were unavailable.

  28. What If I can't find a title or the title I want is unavailable?
    If you want to watch a certain title and we do not have it, please let us know and we will try to acquire it, but we don't gurantee. We stock multiple quantities of the titles. Discs are shipped to members in order of priority. If a particular title on your list is currently out or unavailable, ZDAG ships the following disc on your rental list. We ask that all members keep at least 30 "released" titles on their list at all times. Some titles, especially newly released titles are in heavy demand and there may be some wait as indicated by the "availability" flag.

  29. What care should be taken for handing discs?
    ZDAG asks that all members to handle discs with care. Discs are very durable, however, we ask you to take some simple precautions and exercise basic care & handling to help us maintain the integrity of the discs. Please handle the disc by its outer edge to prevent fingerprints on the surface of the disc, since it can cause the disc to freeze or jump. If you notice any fingerprints on the surface take a soft cloth and wipe the surface gently. DO NOT use any type of solution on the disc. Never keep discs in direct sunlight or heat. Keep discs away from radiators, heaters, hot equipment surfaces, direct sunlight (near a window or in a car during hot weather), pets, small children, and other destructive forces. Always keep the discs in its protective rental sleeve when not in use. Don't bend the disc when taking it out of the case, and be careful not to scratch the disc when placing it in the case or in the player tray. Ensure your disc is returned in its protective rental sleeve before inserting it into the pre-paid return mailer. Members should report damaged discs to ZDAG immediately through the "Feedback" form provided on this website and the disc should be returned promptly.

Managing your Account:

  1. What is a rental list and how do I manage it?
    When you select a movie to watch, and click on the rent button, that title will be added to your Rental List.
    You can remove the titles from your rental list and also rearrange the priorities of the titles. We recommend you to add as many as 30 items to your rental list. If a title with a higher priority is not available, we will send you the next available title in your rental list. This way, you will always have something to watch and enjoy on a timely basis.

  2. What is the maximum number of titles I can add to my Rental List?
    You can add a maximum of 150 titles in your list.

  3. What do I do if my rental queue is full and I want to add another movie?
    The limit of this list is 150 titles, so if you want to add another one then you have to delete one to make room for the new one.

  4. What are my Current Rentals, how can I view them?
    Your current rentals can be found under "My Account" page or by clicking "Current Rentals"

  5. Can I rate or review a title?
    Yes, please login into your account to rate or review a title.

  6. How do I see all the movies that I have rented?
    You can see your rental history under "My Account" page or by clicking "Rental History"

  7. How do I change my email address ?
    To change your email address, you must login and go to "My Account" and click on "Update Email Address or Password". A notification will be sent to your old email address confirming the change of email address.

Problem with the discs?

  1. What if my rental discs arrives damaged or broken?
    Please notify support@zdag.com by email. We will mail you another one or the next one in your rental list. Please send the damaged/ broken disc back to us in the provided prepaid envelope.

  2. I received the wrong titles. What do I do?
    We take every precaution to ship you the correct title. Our Inventory is all serialized so that our system can't let us ship a wrong title to you. However, in case it still happens, please notify support@zdag.com by email. We will mail you another one or the next one in your rental list. Please send the wrong title back to us in the provided envelope.

  3. What if a title is lost in mail?
    According to the United States Postal Service, first class mail takes between 2 to 4 days to reach your home.

    After we have investigated the problem with the post office and if it is determined that the post office has misplaced the rental, we will mark that in your account as "lost in the mail" and remove it temporarily from your current rentals list and ship you the next available title in your Rental Queue. If the quantity of lost rentals in your account is determined to be excessive, we reserve the right to terminate your service.

    We suggest that you also contact your local post office. Let them know about the problem you are experiencing. You must notify them of problems with the mail loss. If possible, fax a complaint to your local post office.

    We too look into mail loss in a particular area so you should also send an email to us at support@zdag.com with the case number the post office has assigned to you. This will help us track issues easily when we discuss it with the United States Postal Service.

    The US Postal system does manage to lose about 0.08% (1:1250) of the mail sent to and from us.

  4. It's been over 7 days and the rentals has not gotten to its Destination, what do I do?
    Please contact our Customer Support at support@zdag.com with the details and we will take some action on it.

  5. The disc I got is not playing. What do I do?
    Some DVD players are not compatible with ALL REGION DVDs. Some DVDs on our website are ALL REGION - meaning that they play on DVD players around the world. The Hollywood DVDs that you rent at your local store are made to work only in DVD players in your region (North America is region 1). We have found Toshiba and Sony to be the worst for playing all region DVDs. If you own a Sony or Toshiba DVD player, we suggest investing a small amount into a relatively low cost DVD player from Wal-Mart for $39.99 to watch all region DVDs. If you strongly believe the problem is not your DVD player, we ask that you please give the DVD to a friend who has a less expensive player, and see if it works for them. We can almost guarantee it will. So we are asking you as our Customer to not just return the DVD without doing this little exercise, since we found that about 95% of the DVD that are returned to us play perfectly fine on our DVD players. So please, give the DVD to a friend and see how they fare. However, if the DVD is ACTUALLY defective and you cannot get the DVD to play on a different player, then perhaps you did get a lemon, and we will gladly issue you another DVD. Please send the unplayable disc back to us in the provided prepaid envelope.

Changing your Membership:

  1. How do I upgrade and downgrade my membership?
    To change your plan, you must login and go to "My Account" and click on "Upgrade or Downgrade Membership". Please note that downgrades are instantaneous, whereas upgrades comes with your next anniversary date. You will be charged the updated rental fees on your next billing cycle. There will be no credit for the partial monthly fees following a downgrade.

  2. How do I suspend my membership for a period of time?
    Please send and email to support@zdag.com and we will temporarily suspend your account and not empty your rental list. Once you are ready to resume send us an email again and your account will be activated again. However, your rental plan will restart from that day.

  3. How do I cancel my membership?
    To cancel your membership go to "My Account" and click on "Cancel Membership". If you do cancel your membership you do immediately lose all the program benefits that you were enjoying along with the rental list. Please note that there are no refunds or credits for partial periods or unused rental program periods. In addition to this, you also lose any referrer points that you may accumulated under ZDAG referrer reward program.

    If we cancel your account for some reason, we will refund your money partially - the month's fee that is charged minus the total rental for each disc sent to you in that month at a rate of $3 per rental.

  4. How do I reactivate my membership?
    Currently, you need to contact our customer support at support@zdag.com. However, you will be able to activate your membership later on the web yourself.

  5. What is your postal address?
    If you ever need to contact us by mail or return discs without the pre-paid envelope provided, all orders and rental discs can be sent to:
    645 National Ave
    Mountain View, CA 94043

  6. Instructions on how to use the envelope
    Please tear the envelope flap at the dotted lines and once you flip the flap you will be able to remove the disc out from the inside envelope. After watching, listening, or playing and enjoying the disc; put the disc back in the inside envelope. At this time tear the flap off, peel and seal the envelope and put it in the mail.

  7. My question is not listed here. What do I do?
    If your question is not listed here, please contact our customer support at support@zdag.com. Due to the high volume of emails received, ZDAG might take 1-3 business days to respond your email.

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