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Image Item                   Customer rating Lang Year  
1:1.6 An Ode to Lost Love 1:1.6 An Ode to Lost Love
The film features Gulshan Grover (as filmmaker Prabhod Das Gupta from Bengal), Atul Kulkarni (as M, the cameraman from Kerala) and Rati Agnihotri (as Mrs. Bhatt who is the heroine's mother from Karnataka). Masoomi (niece of produc ...
Not Rated
English 2006   
1942 A Love Story 1942 A Love Story
It was August 1942. The 'Quit India' movement had gathered momentum. Protesters, all over the country, came out in large numbers and the thunderous cry of 'quit India' echoed across the nation, The response of the British became i ...
Customer Average Rating 3.0000000000000000
Hindi 1994   
Aa Ab Laut Chalen Aa Ab Laut Chalen
Rohan Khanna (Akshaye Khanna), an unemployed Indian, decides to go abroad to make money. He lands up in New York but as he doesn't have a stable job, he stays with Indian cab drivers who treat him as family. He then meets Pooja (A ...
Customer Average Rating 2.0000000000000000
Hindi 1999   
Aadmi Aadmi
Love triangle, Guilt from childhood, beautiful damsel, great songs. Good film
Customer Average Rating 4.0000000000000000
Hindi 1968   
Aa Gale Lag Jaa Aa Gale Lag Jaa
Sharmila Tagore and Shashi Kapoor are the young lovers whose breezy romance warms up on the skating rink but turns tragic when circumstances forces them to part even though she is pregnant. The film has a touching performance from ...
Customer Average Rating 3.5000000000000000
Hindi 1973   
Aaiyash - The Desire Aaiyash - The Desire
Vicky, a Casanova with a playboy personality, is given a proposal by Mrs Modi, the wife of a rich tycoon to kidnap her step daughter Sweta and claim a hefty ransom from her husband of which he gets to pocket half. Vicky jumps to t ...
Customer Average Rating 2.6666666666666667
Hindi 2004   
Aaj aur Kal Aaj aur Kal
Sir Balbir Singh, the king of Himmatpur. Its palaces and the splendour of its ruler was the envy of the people of the kingdom and other states. Yet within the palace walls the atmosphere was stifling to say the least. The king liv ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1963   
Aap Kaa Surroor - The Movie Aap Kaa Surroor - The Movie

Customer Average Rating 3.5000000000000000
Hindi 2007   
Aap Ki Kasam Aap Ki Kasam
Rajesh Khanna plays Mumtaz's jealous husband who begins to doubt her fidelity when his best friend Sanjeev Kumar enters their lives. She is unable to convince Rajesh Khanna that she loves only him. He leaves her, not knowing that ...
Customer Average Rating 3.5000000000000000
Hindi 1974   
Aashik Aawara Aashik Aawara
The Family of Dilip Singh and Devki and son Jai had seen good days. But fate takes a turn on them and they see their bad days where Dilip starts driving a taxi and Devki teaches music. In one incident, Dilip was killed saving the ...
Customer Average Rating 4.0000000000000000
Hindi 1993   
Aashiq Aashiq
What's love....? Romance and passion, the deep sighs, and the long nights! Sure, but it is also caring, sharing and the feeling that puts the beloved before one's self and one who truly lives up to this is the real lover - the Aas ...
Customer Average Rating 4.0000000000000000
Hindi 2001   
Aashiq Banaya Aapne Aashiq Banaya Aapne
The film tells the story of three young people. Karan (Sonu Sood) is an introvert who cannot muster courage to express his romantic feelings to Sneha (Tanushree Dutta), his college-mate.
Customer Average Rating 5.0000000000000000
Hindi 2005   
Aavishkar Aavishkar
The story makes a bold attempt to discover the relation between the one enchanted hour and the routine twenty three hours in the life of a man and his wife. It concludes that the relation between a man and his wife is as timeless ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1974   
Aaya Toofan Aaya Toofan

Not Rated
Hindi 1950   
Abhimaan Abhimaan
Subir Kumar (Amitabh Bachchan), a famous singer on vacation in his village, is spellbound when he hears a completely unknown singer Uma (Jaya Bhaduri). He falls deeply in love with the innocent and warm-hearted girl and they get m ...
Customer Average Rating 5.0000000000000000
Hindi 1973   
Afsana Afsana
Afsana is the story of how fate can separate two people and yet reunite them against all odds if it is so destined. Afsana is the story of Ratan, Chaman and Meera. Though Ratan and Chaman were twins, Meera was the childhood sweeth ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1966   
Afsana Pyar Ka Afsana Pyar Ka
Mahendra Behl leaves his wife & son to marry a rich girl who is dying from cancer. After she dies he decides to takes his family back. His wife refuses, but lets him keep their infant son Raj. Mahendra tells his son that his mothe ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1991   
Ahista Ahista Ahista Ahista
Ankush [Abhay Deol] scrapes a living by acting as a witness in the marriage registrar's office in Delhi. Megha [Soha Ali Khan] has run away from her home in Nainital to marry her love Dheeraj [Shayan Munshi]. But Dheeraj doesn't t ...
Customer Average Rating 3.0000000000000000
Hindi 2006   
Akhiyaan Udeekdian Akhiyaan Udeekdian
Punjab is well known – famous for their bravery, hard work and self respect but all these qualities are over shadowed by the fact that maximum female foeticide cases take place in Punjab .This movie Akhiyaan Udeekdian is an effo ...
Not Rated
Punjabi 2009   
Aksar Aksar
Ananth Mahadevan is the man who brought us 'Dil Vil Pyar Vyar' and 'Dil Maange More.' comes a movie from a different genre. 'Aksar' is a movie based around suspense and unexpected twists but although it tries very hard it struggle ...
Customer Average Rating 3.0000000000000000
Hindi 2006   
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