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12 O'Clock (1958) 12 O'Clock (1958)
Bani Chowdhury and solicitor Ajoy Kumar are deeply in love with each other. But their world comes crashing down when Bani's cousin, Maya is found dead in the first class compartment at a railway terminus in Bombay. Bani who had go ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1958   
13B: Fear Has a New Address 13B: Fear Has a New Address
In today's world, the major source of relief, information and entertainment is the TV. So much so, that it has moved up from its modest position of being just another 'household appliance' to actually determining the power equatio ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2009   
1920 London 1920 London
Shivangi (Meera Chopra) lives in London with her husband Veer Singh (Vishal Karwal). One day, he receives a gift from Rajasthan. From then, strange things happen with Veer and his condition deteriorates. Shivangi, thinking that th ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2016   
1921 1921
A decade after 1920. When Ayush arrives in England to learn music, he is shocked and scared when the manor he is living in becomes haunted by spirits. To exorcise them, he seeks the help of Rose, a woman who can see and speak with ...
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2018   
2001: Do Hazaar Ek 2001: Do Hazaar Ek
Following the brutal slaying of a call-girl named Julie in Bombay city, two police inspectors, namely Anil Sharma and Rajat Bedi, are assigned to investigate and bring the culprit(s) to book. Anil & Rajat note that the killer leav ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1998   
2 Nights in Soul Valley 2 Nights in Soul Valley
A group of friends decide to go on a trek unaware of the deadly realities of the valley they chose to set their foot on. Harry, the protagonist is surrounded by an unknown aura but the positive energy is saving him from each fall. ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2012   
36 Farmhouse 36 Farmhouse
During the nation wide lock down in India on outskirts of Mumbai Rani Padmini Rajpath Singh decides to transfer all her assess in the name of her son Ronak whose debt ridden but has become close to his mother in last few months.Pr ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2022   
3G: A Killer Connection 3G: A Killer Connection
While on holiday in Fiji Sam looses his phone in an excitement to meet his girlfriend Sheena.Sam purchases a new phone with 3G connection where he starts getting calls from unknown number receiving which shows video of a female be ...
Not Rated
English, Hindi 2013   
8119 Miles 8119 Miles
A Goan car mechanic's adventurous journey with a stranger from India to the UK. Uncertainties, desert, snow, cultures, and faith shape their journey.
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2021   
Aamne - Saamne Aamne - Saamne
At first, beautiful, wealthy Sapna is annoyed with her new neighbor Gopal, whom she believes is following her. Nevertheless, Sapna eventually falls for Gopal's charms. Although her brother Pran wants her to marry Prem, Sapna and G ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1967   
A Call from the Past A Call from the Past
(World Premiere) This is the story of every artist: of a disconcerted mind on a quest to find his very existence in his own art. The film traces the journey of art which suddenly comes alive, descending down the artist's studio an ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2016   
Acid Factory Acid Factory
Cape Town Police's Assistant Commissioner Ranbir Singh travels to Durban to meet with undercover Agent Romeo and assigns him a special task. Shortly thereafter Romeo is attacked, loses his consciousness and when he regains it, fin ...
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2009   
A Film by Aravind A Film by Aravind
Best friends since childhood Aravind and Rishi struggled for film industry fame before Aravind's films with Rishi as hero become successful. They plan to go on a road trip to search for inspiration to write the script of a third f ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2005   
After the Third Bell After the Third Bell
The death of an actor in the middle of a play brings the investigating officer face to face not just with a group of unusual suspects but also his own deep-rooted prejudices. But will his prejudices get the better of the him or wi ...
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2014   
Ajeeb Itefaq Ajeeb Itefaq
Police Inspector Navin, assigned to Santa Cruz Police Station in Bombay, gets a telephone call from a distraught woman, Aparna, that someone had attempted to kill her, but upon being questioned, admits that she had a nightmare. A ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1989   
Aksar 2 Aksar 2
Dolly Khambhatta and elderly women lives luxurious life and requires a governesses to take care of her after earlier one passed away. Patrick Sharma (Pat) her fiance person appoints Sheena even thou she doesn't meet the required a ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2017   
Amdavad Junction Amdavad Junction
The story is based on the back drop of Ahmedabad. The story revolves around the dead body which is found unclaimed on the platform of Ahmedabad Junction. As body is bad stage of decomposition, police has no clue about the murder a ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2013   
Anhonee (1973) Anhonee (1973)
After the tragic death of her dad, Dr. Rekha continues to live with her step-mother in Bombay, where she runs a Mental Institute. While traveling by train one night, they are accosted by a knife wielding escaped mental patient, Su ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1973   
Ankh Micholi Ankh Micholi
When Mala is presumed to have died in a car accident after being suspected of murdering Lady Hiramani, Mala starts a new life and calls herself Nayantara. Things get complicated when Nayantara is accused of murdering her husband S ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1962   
Anveshan Anveshan
6 Horticulture students studying 2nd year in college doing their Thesis on Plants and Trees.. 6 of them decides to go in a Resort far away from city to do a Thesis Ph.D. on plants for their Project.. They visits a Resort which is ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2022   
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