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0009: The Sharks Make Contact 0009: The Sharks Make Contact
In the sharks' second adventure, a shark's refusal to return a glass of pesto leads to a terrorist crisis.
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2020   
AquaTales AquaTales
Opil is a plump, 8-year-old boy. In a desperate attempt to stop him from wolfing down junk food, his mother serves him a special dish: the wish fish. But Opil takes it as a joke and wishes that mutant aliens come to Earth and take ...
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2012   
Arjun: The Warrior Prince Arjun: The Warrior Prince
Legend knows him as an archer of unwavering focus, the soldier who fought a battle in his own heart before taking up arms against his enemy. This is the untold story of Arjun, hero of the Mahabharata. A precocious talent plunged f ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2012   
Ashoka the Hero Ashoka the Hero
Ashoka, is a young boy whose policeman father was killed during a bank robbery. His protective mother keeps him housebound and his only friends are his dog buddy and his mysterious neighbour Masa. Masa is the keeper of Emperor Aso ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2011   
Azzu & Gazzu: International Super Detectives Azzu & Gazzu: International Super Detectives
Appu & Gappu is a 3D animated film, for all age group. It's an action-packed fairy tale styled story, with a mad-touch of humor. Imagine a pair of twin brothers, crazy about solving puzzles & mysteries helping people from notoriou ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2018   
Bal Ganesh 3 Bal Ganesh 3
In this third instalment "Bal Ganesh 3" from the franchise, we see Bal Ganesh being adored by not just humans but also alien kids from the planet Zeba. A complete entertainer for the whole family.
Not Rated
Hindi 2015   
Bal Ganesh and the PomZom Planet Bal Ganesh and the PomZom Planet
Bal Ganesh's friend Mooshak plans to go to a planet named Zeba with his friends, but his spaceship crashes and they land on a planet named Pomzom where his group is held captive. The film explores how Bal Ganesh and his brother Ka ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2017   
Bal Ganesh Animated Bal Ganesh Animated
The Elephant God who is prayed to, revered and loved by all of us… who even as a child, took on all the Gods single handedly… who had the intelligence and strength of an elephant... rose to the ranks of a ‘God’ ...was naug ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2007   
Bhishma and Drona (Animated) Bhishma and Drona (Animated)
Short stories from Mahabharatha. Ignorance of Drona Srona and Abhimanyu Drona's Commitment Bhishma's Vow Bhishma's Courage Bhishma's Willpower.
Not Rated
English 2006   
Bhoot and Friends Bhoot and Friends
After Raghav's examination, his America-based cousins, Igloo and Roma, come for a visit. The trio then travel to their grandmother's house in Pratapgarh where Raghav introduces his cousins to his polio-stricken friend, Ali, who is ...
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2010   
Bird Idol Bird Idol
The story revolves around a bird called 'Hummi' who is not happy with the bird music and is greatly impressed by human music and how he introduces human music to the bird music by entering into a competition called Bird Idol and w ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2010   
Bombay Rose Bombay Rose
BOMBAY ROSE is a beautiful hand-painted animation created by award winning animator Gitanjali Rao. Amidst the bustle of a magnetic and multifaceted city, the budding love between two dreamers is tested by duty and religious divide ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2021   
Chaar Sahibzaade Chaar Sahibzaade
The sacrifices of the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji (tenth guru of Sikhs) - Baba Ajit Singh ji, Baba Jujhar Singh ji, Baba Zorawar Singh ji and Baba Fateh Singh ji.
Not Rated
Punjabi 2014   
Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan
Many centuries ago there was a evil damyaan who was granted immortality by a (book of magi).But with that wish, he was also given a curse that he would be confined to the City of Sonapur.Therefore he lures the Raja Indravarma by t ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2012   
Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali
The King of Bali invites Chhota Bheem and his friends to attend the coronation of the state's prince. After reaching Bali, Bheem and his friends find that the state is captured by a witch named Rangda who wants to rule the country ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2013   
Chhota Bheem Himalayan Adventure Chhota Bheem Himalayan Adventure
When Hidimbak attacks manali Bheem has to stop that strong man,
Not Rated
Hindi 2016   
Chhota Bheem in Junglee Kabila Chhota Bheem in Junglee Kabila
In a huge celebration in Dholakpur, Indra Verma takes out a broken amulet and tells everyone that for more than 1000 years this ancient amulet is passed on from one ruler to another and today he will pass this to Indumati. A small ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2013   
Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka
Bheem and his friends are visiting the kingdom of China to participate in an annual martial arts competition, but when the country's princess is kidnapped by an evil part-demon named Zuhu, Bheem decides to go after him and end Zuh ...
Not Rated
English, Hindi 2019   
Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane - The Lost Hiroshi Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane - The Lost Hiroshi
The Nohara family members take a vacation to Australia for rarely happened annular solar eclipse, in the name of dad and mom's honeymoon postponement. It is really an exciting and adventurous trip.
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2019   
Crayon Shin-Chan: Invasion!! Alien Shiriri Crayon Shin-Chan: Invasion!! Alien Shiriri
One day, the Nohara family met a mysterious alien from outer space named Shiriri. On being basked by a ray emitted by Shiriri, Hiroshi and Misae became 25 years younger and appeared as kids. To be able to return back into adult fo ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2017   
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