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1942: A Love Story 1942: A Love Story
Circa British rule over India in the year 1942 where Indians are either revolutionaries or supporters of the British. In the midst there is wealthy Narendra Singh alias Naren whose romance with a poor yet beautiful girl, Rajeshwar ...
Not Rated
English, Hindi 1994   
22 Shey Shraban 22 Shey Shraban
Several murders have taken place through out the city of Kolkata. A Serial killer is believed to be responsible. The mods operandi being that the killer always caries out the murder according to verses in Bengali poetry. He leaves ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2011   
7 Bijliyaan 7 Bijliyaan
Watch the full movie, Saat Bijliyan, only on Eros Now. Saat Bijliyan is a 1988 Indian Hindi film, directed by Raju Saigal. The film stars Raj Kiran, Shoma Anand, Tina Munim and Kajal Kiran in lead roles. The film had musical score ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1988   
Aadat Se Majboor Aadat Se Majboor
Dinanath Shastri (Madanpuri) is a devout Hindu firefighter. One day his son, Shankar (Mithun Chakraborty) brings home a young girl, Salma (Rameshwari) as he felt sorry for her. Dinanath thinks she is Hindu and calls her Shanti, an ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1982   
Aadha Din Aadhee Raat Aadha Din Aadhee Raat
Kedar Miya, an ordinary Tangewala from the hutments lives by his faith and Idealism. With great efforts he makes "Gopal" the son of his old master, a Doctor, who is supposed to give life, not to take Life. Kedar Miya is happy when ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1977   
Aag Aur Daag Aag Aur Daag
Bombay-based Young Raja witnesses his parents commit suicide after being cheated and defeated in a game of cards by an unknown male. He grows up under the mentor-ship of Madanlal, who witnessed the cheating incident, with only one ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1970   
Aag Hi Aag Aag Hi Aag
Army officer Bahadur Singh is recalled to duty on very day his wife gives birth to son Vijay. While way back on duty, Bahadur Singh's village is attacked by decoites, his sister raped and killed. He goes to police to file complain ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1987   
Aag Ka Gola Aag Ka Gola
Poverty and hunger forces young Shankar to take up employment as a mechanic. To this extent all is well for him until he is arrested by the police for a crime he did not committed; but Shankar manages to escape only to witness tha ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1990   
Aag (K. Ravi Shankar) Aag (K. Ravi Shankar)
Siblings Raju and Laxmi are orphaned at a very young age. Raju is in love with fellow-collegian Parul, whose marriage to Police Inspector Suryadev Singh has already been arranged. When Suryadev finds out about Raju, he arrests and ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1994   
Aag (Naresh Kumar) Aag (Naresh Kumar)
Shanker is a young man who lives in a small village community with his mute sister, Durgi, and his mom, Shanti. Shanker's efforts to get Durgi married are all in vain. The local money-lender, Lala, in his early 60s, comes to know ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1967   
Aaj Kaa M.L.A. Ram Avtar Aaj Kaa M.L.A. Ram Avtar
Ram Avtar, a barber in a small village, comes from a poor family, widowed, but has his wife's sister, Sushma, looking after him and his kids. Ram Avtar cuts, shaves, and grooms all males in his village, including Minister Digvijay ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1984   
Aaj Ka Andha Kanoon (2003) Aaj Ka Andha Kanoon (2003)
Deva comes to the city in search of work! He meets with Shiva who is a smuggler and working illegally. Deva tells Shiva that he is not happy with this and the both of them fight. Shiva is killed by Deva and at that moment the poli ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2003   
Aaj Ka Daur Aaj Ka Daur
This movie reflects the time and era in India's history. A time that most politicians would prefer to turn a nelson's eye on; an era that would be excluded from most history books. This movie revolves around the lives of a poor pe ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1985   
Aaj Ka Mahaatma Aaj Ka Mahaatma
Randhir and Ranvir Verma are twins. Randhir is straightforward, while Ranvir is a petty criminal. These petty thefts add up, and soon the police arrest Ranvir, and he is sentenced to prison. In prison, Ranvir incurs the wrath of a ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1976   
Aaj Ka Samson Aaj Ka Samson
Two children, Samson and Reshma Singh, grow up in Central India, and would like to remain together forever. However, Reshma's uncle, Mangha, has other plans for her, he assaults Samson, takes Reshma with him to the city. Years lat ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1991   
Aaj Ke Shahenshah Aaj Ke Shahenshah
Two friends fall for a same girl which breaks their friendship..After few years destiny brings them face to face again.
Not Rated
Hindi 1990   
Aakhri Baazi Aakhri Baazi
Ram Kumar lives a wealthy lifestyle in Calcutta with his brother, Prashant and Parvati, his sister-in-law. Since his school-days he had befriended a young orphan named Laxman, who also lives with them. Years later, Ram and Laxman ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1989   
Aakhri Daku Aakhri Daku
Mangal Singh played by Vinod Khanna is a dreaded dacoit of the Chambal valley who mercilessly loots people and kills them and has a reward of Rs. 5000 on his head which becomes Rs.50,000. His lady love is Champa, played by Reena R ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1978   
Aakhri Ghulam Aakhri Ghulam
Young Bheema is told by his father, Dinu, that generations of their family have always been slaves to the wealthy Thakurs. When Bheema does not heed this, and not only befriends Sonam, Thakur Daulat Singh's daughter, but also has ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1989   
Aakhri Goli Aakhri Goli
The movie is theme based on revenge as the basic ingredient. Sunil Dutt's father and mother are killed in bus robbery.Sunil Dutt as small child remembers Amzad Khan's eyes.This is the key to start of revenge incident. In his adult ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1977   
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