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Aarzoo (Akshay Kumar) Aarzoo (Akshay Kumar)
Daya Shankar (Amrish Puri) adopts his best friend's (Mohan Joshi) son Amar (Saif Ali Khan), after the death of Amar's father. Amar secretly loves Amrish Puri's beautiful daughter Pooja (Madhuri Dixit) who has been his childhood fr ...
Customer Average Rating 2.0000000000000000
Hindi 1999   
A Call from the Past A Call from the Past
(World Premiere) This is the story of every artist: of a disconcerted mind on a quest to find his very existence in his own art. The film traces the journey of art which suddenly comes alive, descending down the artist's studio an ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2016   
Alag Alag
Is being different good? Is being different a boon? Or Is being different a CURSE? These are some of the questions for which Tejas wanted an answer. And now he takes you through a journey in his quest to find the ultimate trut ...
Customer Average Rating 3.8333333333333333
Hindi 2006   
Alibaba and 40 Thieves (Hindi) Alibaba and 40 Thieves (Hindi)

Not Rated
Hindi 1954   
Amal (I) Amal (I)
witness the suffering of Afnan. afnan a patient of erectile dysfunction with the help of a religious preacher go to his hometown to do sifli magic so that his disease can be cured, but...
Not Rated
Hindi 2017   
Andaaz (Akshay Kumar) 2003 Andaaz (Akshay Kumar) 2003
Raj (Akshay Kumar) is an aspiring pilot, head-over-heels in love with his childhood friend, Kaajal (intr. Lara Dutta). He joins the Air Force and on becoming an officer when he comes back to confess his love, it is too late. Kaaja ...
Customer Average Rating 2.5000000000000000
Hindi 2003   
Animal World Animal World
Muddling along without any aim, the hero Zheng Kaisi accomplishes nothing and is in debt of several millions because of borrowing money from friends. In order to pay the debt, he boards a ship called "Destiny" to attend a mysterio ...
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2018   
Avane Srimannarayana Avane Srimannarayana
Story of Corrupt Cop who is intelligent and brighter than normal people.The character is said to have the features of Sherlock holmes and Jack Sparrow combined.The story runs through the place called Amaravathi.This is a period Ro ...
Not Rated
Kannada 2019   
Beyond Blue: An Unnerving Tale of a Demented Mind Beyond Blue: An Unnerving Tale of a Demented Mind
Manas is another white collar professional in a city of over 3 million. The passing away of his mother leaves him devastated in a manner most unexpected. Unable to satisfy the primal instinct to feed, anything other than food cook ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2015   
Bhaag Johnny Bhaag Johnny
Forced to kill a woman, Johnny is granted the opportunity to live two lives, one in which he kills her and the other where he attempts to save her.—Sajan Gaba (http://Tmaya.com)
Not Rated
Hindi 2015   
Bhaggmati - The Queen of Fortunes Bhaggmati - The Queen of Fortunes
India’s first live action-animation film, BHAGMATI-THE QUEEN OF FORTUNES is ready for release. The film has taken three years of painstaking work with no use of foreign expertise. Director Ashok Kaul says that BHAGMATI- THE QUEE ...
Customer Average Rating 1.00000000000000000000
Hindi 2005   
Bhoothnath Returns Bhoothnath Returns
Bhoothnath Returns takes Bhoothnath's story forward. As he returns to 'Bhoot World' he is greeted with taunts and condemnation from other ghosts for bringing disrepute to the ghost-community for getting bullied by a kid on Earth. ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2014   
Cargo (I) Cargo (I)
In modern world, Asuras and Humans have come to terms as per a treaty. The yamdoots have embraced technology and liberate the cargo/souls, aboard the spaceship Pushpak. As the older yamdoots retire they, must give handover to new ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2020   
Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan
Many centuries ago there was a evil damyaan who was granted immortality by a (book of magi).But with that wish, he was also given a curse that he would be confined to the City of Sonapur.Therefore he lures the Raja Indravarma by t ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2012   
Children's Party Children's Party
When an employee of Mumbai's Chandan Nagar leaves, he is replaced by a youth, Fatka, who has a stray dog, Bhidu (a.k.a. Buddy). There is no accommodation provided for this homeless orphan, so he and his pet decide to make an aband ...
Not Rated
Hindi, English 2011   
Chupke Se Chupke Se
Dreamers beware! Your dreams may just come true! Varun a dotcom millionaire, has spent his life surfing the net, instead of the wind. He lost his teenage years behind the monitors of virtual reality. He now excuses himself from Bi ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2003   
Cinderella Cinderella
Cinderella is fantasy of a little girl. The story is about the struggle two orphan siblings undergo to fulfill their dream. Rather than begging in front of people for a piece of bread, it is about the transformation hard-work and ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2015   
Coffka Coffka
Clay, a social recluse living in Seattle, is on a mission to find true love after a doctor's diagnosis gives him only three days to find it, lest he dies. Clay's doctor enlists the help of Chad, an irresponsible and unwilling soci ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2009   
Dangerous Ishq Dangerous Ishq
Three doppelgangers(one girl+ two boys).Two of them loves each other and get together from many lives .And the third one(who can't be killed easily)also wants the girl and he tries to separate them through many lives.
Not Rated
Hindi 2012   
Deep Fire/Kama Sundari Deep Fire/Kama Sundari
Adult relations based story
Not Rated
Hindi 2000   
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