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Anmol (1993) Anmol (1993)
Anmol is made to work as a maid in her own house by her step-mother and step-sisters. Later, a singer falls for her and decides to free her from her evil family.
Not Rated
Hindi 1993   
Annadata Annadata
After the passing away of her father, a local physician, Aarti takes it upon herself to dispense medicine, as well as sew clothes, and looks after a child named Kundan who has lost his legs to paralysis. She has a admirer in Arun, ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1972   
Apna Asmaan Apna Asmaan
Ravi and Padmini share a strained relationship due to their teenage son Buddhi's intellectual handicap. Buddhi, a mildly autistic slow learner displays his flair for art but his parents, with their middle-class insecurities, neith ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2007   
Apna Bana Lo Apna Bana Lo
Orphaned at a very young age, not aware of his religion nor his background, a young man is taken-in by a gangster and trained to accept crime as his career. This young man grows up to be a dreaded gangster himself by the name of M ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1982   
Asar 2 Asar 2
A girl comes to study from her sister's house and she falls in love with a naughty boy.
Not Rated
Hindi 2016   
Chandro ka Devar Chandro ka Devar
During the bus journey, a young man meets a girl and both have a lot of wrangling and then they both fall in love after reaching the village.
Not Rated
Hindi 2019   
Chowkidaar Chowkidaar
This story is from Bharatpur village. There is a lot of theft, tampering, robbery and dishonesty. There is a watchman in the village but he can not do anything or do then there is a military vacation named Dalbir Singh, with the v ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2019   
Dhuntaaraa Dhuntaaraa
Four children from city move to a village close by, for a fun filled vacation and end up finding answers to many of their hitherto unanswered questions that they had always harboured in their anxious young minds. They learn moral ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2015   
Fakkad Fakkad
Husband and wife are both devotees of Shiva, due to family feud, the wife dies due to the consumption of toxins and Shiva God resurrects her.
Not Rated
Hindi 2013   
'Ferry' 'Ferry'
Widower Vikas lives a fairly wealthy lifestyle along with son, Raju, on an island off of Bombay's Gateway of India. Raju has not been told of his mother's demise, and believes that she will return home by the next boat. He is look ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1954   
Jhamela Jhamela
A girl leaves home and comes and comes to the city to work in the films and lives in a room of two friends and a friend falls in love with her and they both go to her village to work as servants and protect her from goons there.
Not Rated
Hindi 2019   
Kunba Kunba
An orphaned child who becomes more than his real child and takes care of the old father in old age and the old man loves that boy more than his children.
Not Rated
Hindi 2014   
Kunwar Sahab Kunwar Sahab
A married women meet evidently with a man who is returning to his home. the women is pregnant and his boyfriend left her and she going to do suicide sudden he meet a young man.
Not Rated
Hindi 2016   
Laal Singh Chaddha Laal Singh Chaddha
An official remake of the 1994 American film Forrest Gump
Not Rated
Hindi 2022   
Let's Go! India Let's Go! India
Kabir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) knows what it's like to come back from the dead. The ex Indian Captain has now come back in the avatar of the Coach of the Indian Women's National Hockey team. A team that exists more on paper and less i ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2007   
Maa Purnagiri Maa Purnagiri
This movie is based on mythological place "Maa Purnagiri" situated at Tanakpur, Uttarakhand, India. Maa Purnagiri is well known a spiritual shaktipith one of 51. Maa Purnagiri is a symbol and aw tar of ma ta parvati. More then one ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2019   
Motel Patel Motel Patel
A kaleidoscope of Indian family characters who own a distressed motel in the United States.
Not Rated
English 2015   
Nikhdoo Nikhdoo
A young village boy spend his time to find a batter seed for villagers. after snuggles he invent the seed and appreciate by the Government.
Not Rated
Hindi 2019   
Parvaaz: The Journey Parvaaz: The Journey
Frustrated by the peer pressure, bullying and dictates of culturally obsessed father, the immigrant's son Rob-the protagonist struggles and finds his identity in the Western world.
Not Rated
Hindi 2021   
Rebelde Rebelde
A look at the life of teenagers who go to the Elite Way School. The lead actors are Dulce Maria, Anahi, Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez, Christopher Uckerman, and Alfonso Herrera. They are a part of a band called RBD, and Rebelde ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2005   
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