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18.11 18.11 (Hindi)
A software engineer creates a program that triggers a warning text to everyone in the vicinity whenever a bomb explodes. As he continues to develop it, corrupt enemies try to snatch it from him.
Not Rated
Starring 2014    
3 Shyaane 3 Shyaane (Hindi)
3 youths who want instant success in life and to achieve this they start walking on wrong path. Later they realize their wrongdoings and want to take u turn from wrong path.
Not Rated
Starring 2022    
Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar (Hindi)
Sunil Mehta gets stuck in a giant ferris wheel with an attractive young woman all night due to power failure. He arrives home the next day, and meets a very suspicious wife, Geeta, who knows that he has been up to no good. She ref ...
Not Rated
Starring 1973    
Aakhir Kyon? Aakhir Kyon? (Hindi)
Nisha believes she is happily married until she discovers that her successful businessman husband, Kabir, has been having an affair with her cousin, Indu. Distraught, Nisha abandons her husband and newborn daughter and leaves for ...
Not Rated
Starring 1985    
Aapas Ki Baat Aapas Ki Baat (Hindi)
After the death of her businessman husband, Mrs. Sinha lives a wealthy lifestyle in Delhi, with her son, Vinod, who has taken over the business; and her daughter, Kajal, while she herself indulges herself with some friends to play ...
Not Rated
Starring 1981    
Agniputra Agniputra (Hindi)
The story begins with a man Arjun(mithun) working in a band with his family, consisting of 3 sisters and his widowed mother. Arjun then falls in love with the daughter of a MLA, who was involved with his family. The police make a ...
Not Rated
Starring 2000    
Aisa Pyar Kahan Aisa Pyar Kahan (Hindi)
This story revolves around three sisters. The first is Suraj's widow sister, has a grown son by the name of Kasturi, and lives with her unmarried brother, Suraj; the second is Sarita Khanna who lives with her advocate brother, Dee ...
Not Rated
Starring 1986    
Anhonee (1973) Anhonee (1973) (Hindi)
After the tragic death of her dad, Dr. Rekha continues to live with her step-mother in Bombay, where she runs a Mental Institute. While traveling by train one night, they are accosted by a knife wielding escaped mental patient, Su ...
Not Rated
Starring 1973    
Babloo Bachelor Babloo Bachelor (Hindi)
The story of the film is based on UP, where a well to do family had always dreamt of their son's wedding with great pomp and show. Babloo "Sharman Joshi" met few girls for his wedding but didn't get the right one.Then he met Pooja ...
Not Rated
Starring 2021    
Be-Careful Be-Careful (Hindi, English)
Sameer (Sam) and Anand (Andy) are childhood friends. Right from their school days and even in college, they studied together. Both were ahead in studies as well as in sports. They were also the champions when it came to girl-chasi ...
Not Rated
Starring 2011    
Bunty Aur Babli 2 Bunty Aur Babli 2 (Hindi)
Kunal and Sonia two engineering students start conning various people in different states and leave the trademark logo of Bunty Aur Babli.Rakesh Tridevi (Bunty) and his wife Vimmi Saluja Trivedi (Babli) are living normal middle cl ...
Not Rated
Starring 2021    
Ek Tha Hero Ek Tha Hero (Hindi)
EK THA HERO is an inspiring story of a 11 year old village boy fondly called as HERO who has a passion for CYCLE & dreams of having his own CYCLE someday. He has to go through a roller coaster ride to make his DREAM COME TRUE. He ...
Not Rated
Starring 2018  Rent Ek Tha Hero 
Future to Bright Hai Ji Future to Bright Hai Ji (Hindi)
Two people's lives change when they approach an astrologer to predict their future.
Not Rated
Starring 2012    
In the Name of Tai In the Name of Tai (Hindi)
The film is a female orientated story based on a dreadful tragedy of a dedicated and educated village woman (lawyer), respectfully known as Tai (meaning elder sister) who chooses a valiant but perilous avenue. She unfortunately su ...
Not Rated
Starring 2012    
Ishq Ka Manjan Ishq Ka Manjan (Hindi)
The story revolves around a plot line wherein he crime syndicate involved with human trafficking is depicted in detail. A the core there is a love story between a girl and boy who is the protagonist. The story also comprises of se ...
Not Rated
Starring 2017    
It's Rocking: Dard-E-Disco It's Rocking: Dard-E-Disco (Hindi)
During a visit to his doctor, DK sings a new song he has written. He is overheard by a newborn (Rocky)in the next room - destined to live his life for Disco. Rambo and Rocky Singh, (crazy, spoiled brothers), wish to open their own ...
Not Rated
Starring 2012    
Khallballi: Fun Unlimited Khallballi: Fun Unlimited (Hindi)
Chaos ensues when the residents of a hotel finds out that a bomb is planted.
Not Rated
Starring 2008    
Murari the Mad Gentleman Murari the Mad Gentleman (Hindi)
The film hits hard on the superstitions present in the society through the comical situations in the life of a mental patient, based on things going on in Bihar rural areas. India's rural states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and some ...
Not Rated
Starring 2016    
Nyay: The Justice Nyay: The Justice (Hindi)
The film revolves around a boy called Mahinder who comes to tinsel town with the youthful innocence and exuberance associated with small towns. His sheer perseverance, dexterity and histrionics makes him earn the admiration of bot ...
Not Rated
Starring 2021    
Oye Mamu! Oye Mamu! (Hindi)
Rohit Mamu (Ruslaan Mumtaz) is a man who dreams of being rich one day. These dreams and his investments in them have taken him from being reasonably well off to flat broke. Akhil Bhanja (Tanay Chheda) is a 10-year-old mischievous ...
Not Rated
Starring 2021    
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