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Amazing Interlude, The (MP3) Amazing Interlude, The (MP3) (English)
Set during World War I, The Amazing Interlude is a haunting romance and mystery story involving a young woman, Sara Lee, who joins the Red Cross, travels to Europe and finds her life changed forever
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Anne of Avonlea (MP3) Anne of Avonlea (MP3) (English)
In the first sequel to Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Montgomery's feisty red-headed heroine is now sixteen and a school teacher in the small village of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island. Although older, she isn't necessarily wiser - an ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Anne of Green Gables (MP3) Anne of Green Gables (MP3) (English)
When Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert of Green Gables send for a boy orphan to help them out at their farm, they mistakenly get Anne Shirley, a feisty, independent but warm-hearted 11 year-old girl. Fortunately her sunny nature and qu ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Bat, The (MP3) Bat, The (MP3) (English)
Miss Cornelia Van Gorder has left her New York City home for a vacation in an isolated country mansion with her beautiful young niece, neurotic maid, pompous butler and a mysterious but genteel young man, only to find herself the ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Beyond the City (MP3) Beyond the City (MP3) (English)
Destiny brings three peculiar households together in the placid English countryside. The desire for money and romance drive these Victorians beyond the natural boundaries of their middle class lives. As the web of lust and deceit ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Black Arrow, The (MP3) Black Arrow, The (MP3) (English)
Caught in the midst of England's War of the Roses, young Dick Shelton's loyalties are torn between a guardian who betrays him and the leader of the secret fellowship, "The Black Arrow". The Houses of York and Lancaster are loc ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Coal (MP3) Coal (MP3) (English)
The fascinating, often surprising story of how a simple black rock has altered the course of history. Prized as "the best stone in Britain" by Roman invaders who carved jewelry out of it, coal has transformed societies, powered na ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Complete Tales, The (MP3) Complete Tales, The (MP3) (English)
"It spoils people's clothes to squeeze under a gate; the proper way to get in, is to climb down a pear tree," said Little Benjamin Bunny. Hear Peter Rabbit outwit old Mr. McGregor and Squirrel Nutkin come within a tail's length of ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies (MP3) Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies (MP3) (English)
Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies A Guide To Language For Fun & Spite By June Casagrande Narrated by Shelly Frasier Here's some good news for everyone who's ever been bullied into believing they can't speak their own lan ...
Not Rated
Read By 2007    
Jungle Tales of Tarzan (MP3) Jungle Tales of Tarzan (MP3) (English)
In this collection of 12 short stories, Burroughs returns to Tarzan's early years providing new depth and detail to the Lord of the Jungle, during his time among the great apes. Having learned to read from his father's books, Tarz ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Just So Stories (MP3) Just So Stories (MP3) (English)
Drawing from the oral storytelling traditions of India and Africa, Noble prizewinner Rudyard Kipling's vigorous, amusing tales offer imaginative answers to unanswered questions about animals and provide little pearls of wisdom. Th ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Pattern Recognition (MP3) Pattern Recognition (MP3) (English)
Cayce Pollard is a new kind of prophet - a world renowned "coolhunter" who predicts the hottest trends. While in London to evaluate the redesign of a famous corporate logo, she's offered a different assignment: find the creator of ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Return of Tarzan, The (MP3) Return of Tarzan, The (MP3) (English)
Tarzan, after valiantly giving up the woman he loved to another man, leaves the deceitful world of civilization and returns to his beloved African jungle. Upon his return, buried in the mists of his Jungle, Tarzan discovers Opar, ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Run the Risk (MP3) Run the Risk (MP3) (English)
detective faces a horrifying choice between love and duty in this hair-raising debut. Reminiscent of the best in today's suspense-from Jeffery Deaver's roller-coaster twists to James Patterson's cinematic pacing-Run the Risk i ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Son of Tarzan, The (MP3) Son of Tarzan, The (MP3) (English)
Paulvitch seeks revenge against Tarzan once again, this time by luring Lord Greystoke's rebellious son away from London. The great ape Akut foils the plot of revenge as he helps the boy escape the wrath of Paulvitch. Akut and the ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Stalky & Co. (MP3) Stalky & Co. (MP3) (English)
Based on Kipling's own adolescent experiences, Stalky & Co. is a cunning story of mischievous 19th century British schoolboys attempting scholastic mutiny. The faculty and headmaster of a boys' private school repeatedly pursue a t ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (MP3) Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (MP3) (English)
A spy, Albert Werper, has been sent by Tarzan's long time foe, Achmet Zek, to abduct Jane. His plan changes when he discovers that Tarzan is bankrupt and must return to the lost city of Opar to bring back more gold. While Tarzan a ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Tarzan of the Apes (MP3) Tarzan of the Apes (MP3) (English)
Born of noble stock to parents marooned on the savage West African coast, the young lord Greystoke is orphaned in his first year of life. Named Tarzan by the great apes that raise him, he must learn the law of the jungle to surviv ...
Overall Rating 5.00
Read By 2005    
The World Set Free (MP3) The World Set Free (MP3) (English)
In this thought-provoking masterpiece, H.G. Wells predicts the inventions that will inadvertently lead to mass destruction, forcing the world to "start over". You will see many similarities between H.G. Wells' new world and today' ...
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Thin Place, The (MP3) Thin Place, The (MP3) (English)
The Thin Place By Kathryn Davis Narrated by Shelly Frasier The prize-winning author of Versailles tells the story of a small New England village unsettled by a young girl's unearthly gift. In Varennes, a town near the Canad ...
Not Rated
Read By 2007    
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