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American Heroes: Chief Joseph (MP3) American Heroes: Chief Joseph (MP3) (English)
Chief Joseph, of the Nez Perce tribe, lived from 1840 to 1904. He became a legend through his heroic efforts to keep his people in their homeland in Oregon’s Wallowa Valley. For years he tried to accommodate encroaching white me ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Assassin, The (MP3) (Author R. Karl Largent ) Assassin, The (MP3) (Author R. Karl Largent ) (English)
It began when satellite photos revealed certain anomalies along the border of Saudi Arabia and Jordan: entire areas with no signs of life. That combined with reports from Iraq that nomadic tribes are being decimated by mysterious ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Fall of the Nephilim, The (MP3) Fall of the Nephilim, The (MP3) (English)
Cradleland Series #3. Five hundred quiet years had passed, and then for only the second time within the collected memory of man, the earth shook. Footsteps froze and eyes went wide while birds exploded from treetops and filled the ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Final Justice at Adobe Wells (MP3) Final Justice at Adobe Wells (MP3) (English)
Stuart Brannon heads south of the border to buy cattle for his ranch, but finds the cattle rustled and the owner murdered. Stuart discovers a former Confederate Officer has stolen the herd to finance his own private army with the ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3) Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3) (English)
The Ghost Squad embarks on a top secret land operation in mid-1944 at the request of the US Navy. On a monsoon drenched night a Petty Officer fell or was pushed off his PT boat in the Leyte Gulf. A strong swimmer, the Navy believe ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Lethal Dose (MP3) Lethal Dose (MP3) (English)
Veritas Pharmaceuticals is a corporate powerhouse. But many of the drugs Veritas puts on the market are extremely dangerous, even potentially fatal and Bruce Andrews, CEO of the company, is well aware of it. Andrews isn't about to ...
Overall Rating 3.00
Read By 2007    
Talon Force: Meltdown (MP3) Talon Force: Meltdown (MP3) (English)
Cuba's Juragua nuclear power plant is a relic of Communist might, and a target for fanatical terrorists. Possibly armed with a missle-laden ship offshore, they're determined to initiate a reactor meltdown to create "black pollen." ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Talon Force: Sea Fire (MP3) Talon Force: Sea Fire (MP3) (English)
The Russian and British navies are conducting joint military maneuvers in the Irish Sea. Suddenly, a Russian sub suffers a radiation leak--or at least that's what everyone thinks. In reality, the sub has been hijacked by an ultra- ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Talon Force: Secret Weapon (MP3) Talon Force: Secret Weapon (MP3) (English)
An American pilot is forced to eject during a "Deny Flight" mission over Northern Iraq. The plane's electronics mysteriously go dead knocking his plane from the sky. Little does he know he's become the target of cutting edge radio ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Talon Force: Takedown (MP3) Talon Force: Takedown (MP3) (English)
The island nation of Haiti has a long, turbulent history as a seething hotbed of political and religious conflict. Things are about to get a lot hotter. After the island is mauled by a hurricane, an American ship carrying badly ne ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Talon Force: Thunderbolt (MP3) Talon Force: Thunderbolt (MP3) (English)
Talon Force Series. The leader of the brotherhood has stolen a nighmarish bioilogical weapon from a secret Russian Lab. Talon's mission -- assault the stronghold and put the Brotherhood out of business.
Not Rated
Read By 2005    
Talon Force: Zulu Plus Ten (MP3) Talon Force: Zulu Plus Ten (MP3) (English)
On the vacation island of Guam, young Japanese women from wealthy families are disappearing at an alarming rate. Only one body has been found--the rest are still missing. Is a doomsday cult behind the abductions? When the ambassad ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    
Unseen, The (MP3) Unseen, The (MP3) (English)
THE UNSEEN Lee Driver on MP3 Product Name: Someone has found a way to commit the perfect crime...repeatedly. None of the witnesses, or surveillance cameras recording the crimes reveal the assailant. Cedar Point Police Sergeant Pa ...
Not Rated
Read By 2006    

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