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Kedarnath Kedarnath (Hindi)
In holy town of Kedarnnath a Muslim boy Mansoor drops pilgrims to their destinations as porter while Mandakini a high caste Brahmin girl is engaged to marry a boy of same caste.faith brings the two together but their relationship ...
Not Rated
Starring 2018    
Mahabharat Aur Barbareek Mahabharat Aur Barbareek (Hindi)
This movie traces background story of Gatotkach and his son Barbareek who could have changed Mahabharat War outcome single handed but was stopped from doing so by Lord Krishna. The film reunites original Mahabharat cast and explai ...
Not Rated
Starring 2013    
Vishnupuran - Vol 01 Vishnupuran - Vol 01 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 1: Dharti intorduces herself to the viewers and starts narrating the story of the creation of universe. "Before the beginning there was an end" she says, and then reveals how the universe was created by the supreme Go ...
Overall Rating 5.00
Starring 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 02 Vishnupuran - Vol 02 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 5: King Uttanpad is unable to do his duty towards his subjects because his efforts to find his son Dhruv have failed. Lord Indras efforts to obstruct Dhruvs prayers also fail and Narad advises him to refrain. To achieve ...
Not Rated
Starring 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 03 Vishnupuran - Vol 03 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 10: Kashyap refuses to attend Haygrives funeral for he believes he deserved what he got. Power corrupted him and his violent ways had brought upon his death. He also feared that the violent culture of Danavas would bring ...
Not Rated
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 04 Vishnupuran - Vol 04 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 15: Lord Vishnu is happy to note that Devraj Indra has succeeded in convincing Danay Guru Shukracharya that churning of primeval waters to obtain nectar would be beneficial for all concerned. He further remarks that wars ...
Not Rated
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 05 Vishnupuran - Vol 05 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 20: Hiranyakship doing penance to please Brahama. Suryadev tries to disrupt it. Shukracharya creates a curtain of smoke with his super-natural powers. The smoke covers the sun and Hiranyakaship does not feel the heat and ...
Overall Rating 5.00
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 06 Vishnupuran - Vol 06 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 25: Swarbhanu who has kept Prahlad hungry and has made it difficult for him to procure food, is chased away by Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra. Prahlad is happy when he sees his ashram mates near him and chanting Vishnu's ...
Not Rated
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 08 Vishnupuran - Vol 08 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 35 Prahlad is now the king of Asurloke married to Dhriti he holds his court and assures his subjects of peace and justice. Two women are brought to his court both claiming to the real mother of the same child. When no one ...
Not Rated
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 09 Vishnupuran - Vol 09 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 40 Sudhana meets Prince Virochan and tells that he has agreed to the king being the judge in their tussle for marrying Deepavali and he will abide by the king's decision. King Prahalad is perplexed because he has to choos ...
Not Rated
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 10 Vishnupuran - Vol 10 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 45 Having vanquished Devraj Indra and the other Devas, Bali places their crowns at the feet of his guru Sukracharya who is grateful to him. Sukracharya reminds Bali that his great grandfather also bad done so but returned ...
Not Rated
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 11 Vishnupuran - Vol 11 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 50 Saint Jamdagni is happy to receive supplies for the ashram from the citizens who sympathized with them when the state stopped their aid. He visits king Sahasra to stop his confrontation with the ashrams. Sahasra is ada ...
Not Rated
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 12 Vishnupuran - Vol 12 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 55 Parshuram's act make his father realize his mistake. He asks for his wife's forgiveness and Renuka does so and hopes that the entire episode will be a lesson to future generations. Parshuram confronts Sahasra-arjun for ...
Not Rated
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 13 Vishnupuran - Vol 13 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 60 Lord Shiva calls his devotee and asks him to kill Sahasra-arjun for his sinful acts. Parshuram first kills the four sons of Sahasra one by one and then he confronts Sahasra-arjun and kills him. Anamika dies in an event ...
Overall Rating 5.00
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 14 Vishnupuran - Vol 14 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Episode 65 Ravan sees a pretty girl mediating on mount Kailash and falls in love with her. He breaks her penance and asks her to marry him. When she refuses his offer, he rapes her. On his way to Kashi, Sharavan rests to bring wa ...
Overall Rating 5.00
Artist 2000    
Vishnupuran - Vol 18 Vishnupuran - Vol 18 (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam)
Vishnupuran is one of the most popular mythological TV serials from India. It is the story of the Lord Vishnu, who in man's fight against evil, comes to earth time and again to maintain the balance between good and evil. Vishupura ...
Overall Rating 5.00
Starring 2004    

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