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Aag Ka Gola Aag Ka Gola (Hindi)
Poverty and hunger forces young Shankar to take up employment as a mechanic. To this extent all is well for him until he is arrested by the police for a crime he did not committed; but Shankar manages to escape only to witness tha ...
Not Rated
Starring 1990    
Aakhri Dastak Aakhri Dastak (Hindi)
It is a film that illustrates an Indian Soldier's journey and struggle through HIV/AIDS.
Not Rated
Starring 2004    
Adhikar (1986) Adhikar (1986) (Hindi)
Vishal and Jyoti come from different backgrounds, but fall in love, and in spite of oppositions from both the couples' sides, are married. After marriage, they settle down to some wedded bliss, but misunderstandings create problem ...
Not Rated
Starring 1986    
Aisaa Kyon Aisaa Kyon (Hindi)
Rajesh is a student who has come to fulfill the aspirations of his family. His father who is poor somehow manages to raise some loan so that one day Rajesh becomes an IPS officer. Rajesh is a brilliant student and a favorite among ...
Not Rated
Starring 2003    
Akalmand Akalmand (Hindi)
Tamil-speaking Priya and Punjabi-speaking Dr. Kiran meet and fall in love and get married. Kiran likes to drink and likes the company of women; Priya is aware of this and always suspects him of having an affair. When Shobha decide ...
Not Rated
Starring 1984    
Apradhi Kaun? (1982) Apradhi Kaun? (1982) (Hindi)
This is a suspense movie. The character played by Arpana Choudhary is a poor girl who gets run over by an old rich widower played by Madan Puri. feeling sympathy and then love for the poor girl, he then marries her. However she do ...
Not Rated
Starring 1982    
Aulad Ke Dushman Aulad Ke Dushman (Hindi)
Aulad Ke Dushman is a story of parents who blindly bow down to the demands of their stubborn children thereby adding poison to their future. R. K. Chaudhary is the father believes in fulfilling every whim of his son Vicky to expre ...
Not Rated
Starring 1993    
Balli Vs Birju Balli Vs Birju (Hindi)
Balli (Kiran Kumar) plays the main Antagonist. His illegal government operates in Jaipur district of Rajasthan; the police are his happy pony. He's the mastermind of many illegal and criminal ventures with access to the top who is ...
Not Rated
Starring 2022    
Bhookha Sher Bhookha Sher (Hindi)
Ganga, a beautiful village belle, falls in love with Vijay. Their love at first sight occurs when Ganga is rescued by Vijay from the clutches of Daku Jaggu. Jaggu, seeking revenge, kidnaps Ganga, killing her mother in the process. ...
Not Rated
Starring 2001    
Daku Khali Bhawani Daku Khali Bhawani (Hindi)
Fauji Bhawani Pratap Singh is treated not only respectfully but with great reverence. One day an injured dacoit, Kali Singh, takes shelter and falls unconcious in the house of Bhawani Pratap Singh. T\Who treats him and nurses him. ...
Not Rated
Starring 2000    
Deshdrohi Deshdrohi (Hindi)
Raja out of frustration leaves his family and comes to Mumbai in search of a job as his friend Shekhar had done earlier. In his village, his father is a farmer by profession, who loves him a lot. And the other person who is madly ...
Not Rated
Starring 2009    
Ek Aur Visphot Ek Aur Visphot (Hindi)
IndiaWeekly Disclaimer: Following synopsis is taken from the DVD cover provided by the manufacturer. Hero of this film is honest muncipal commissioner, who is very strict about his rules & regulations. The villian belongs with ...
Not Rated
Starring 2002    
Farz Ki Jung Farz Ki Jung (Hindi)
To realize the dreams and aspirations of a country people have to join hands to fight the divisive, disruptive Anarchical forces let loose in the country to fight a breed of Criminals that is ready to fragmentize & destroy the ver ...
Not Rated
Starring 1989    
Hanste Khelte Hanste Khelte (Hindi)

Not Rated
Starring 1984    
Humein Tumse Pyar Ho gaya Chupke Chupke Humein Tumse Pyar Ho gaya Chupke Chupke (Hindi)
Retired Major (Raza Murad) and retired Professor (Ajit Vachhani) are two dear friends, whot stay in adjoining bunglows as one family. Majors Son Raja (Siddharth Dhawan) and Professor's daughter Rani (Shradha Sharma) study in same ...
Not Rated
Starring 2003    
Humse Badhkar Kaun Humse Badhkar Kaun (Hindi)
Naive, simple-minded, honest, and village strongman, Bhola, comes to Bombay city to get the whereabouts of his brother, Sunny, who though born at the same time as he is, but is not his look-alike. He does find him - in prison, ser ...
Not Rated
Starring 1998    
I Am Zero I Am Zero (Hindi)
A 16 year old Muslim girl named Zeenat was made Zero in her school time and what happened later. How does she manage her life. Thus the film is all a drama about a teenage girl Zeenat.
Not Rated
Starring 2019    
Jodhaa Akbar - 1st half of Movie Jodhaa Akbar - 1st half of Movie (Hindi)
1st half movie. Set in the 16th century, this epic romance begins as a marriage of alliance between two cultures and religions for political gain. King Bharmal of Amer gives his daughter's hand to Emperor Akbar. When Akbar acce ...
Overall Rating 4.50
Starring 2008    
Khuda Kasam Khuda Kasam (English, Hindi)
Delhi-based CBI Captain Neetu Singh is instructed by Chief Sawant to investigate the assassination of Maharashtra's Chief Minister Satyaprakash. Her investigations will lead her to conclude that the killing was planned and carried ...
Not Rated
Starring 2010    
Main Balwan Main Balwan (Hindi)

Not Rated
Starring 1986    
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