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Aakhri Goli Aakhri Goli (Hindi)
The movie is theme based on revenge as the basic ingredient. Sunil Dutt's father and mother are killed in bus robbery.Sunil Dutt as small child remembers Amzad Khan's eyes.This is the key to start of revenge incident. In his adult ...
Not Rated
Starring 1977    
Aandhi Aandhi (Hindi)
Reputedly based on the life of Indira Gandhi, this is the story of Aarti (Suchitra Sen), the attractive daughter of a leading politician (Rehman) who falls in love with a businessman JK (Sanjeev Kumar). Her father requires her con ...
Not Rated
Starring 1975    
Aas Aas (Hindi)
Widower Ashok lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay, India, along with his son, Kishore, his paternal aunt, a maid-servant, Chanda, and three other employees. He makes a living running an export-import business near Flora Fountain. ...
Not Rated
Starring 1953    
Aasha (M.V. Raman) Aasha (M.V. Raman) (Hindi)
A wealthy Kishore always ready to help the poor.He travels to Bombay to be with his cousin Raj whose a womanizer and has ditched many women.Raj and Kishore go for hunting in Jungle where Raj meets a man who ask shim to marry his d ...
Not Rated
Starring 1957    
Abdullah Abdullah (Hindi)
Abdullah is a devout Muslim who lives in a small hut the middle of a desert in Persia, and looks after a well so that it provides water to thirsty travelers. One day a friend, Ameer, informs him that bandit Khaleel had raided a se ...
Not Rated
Starring 1980    
Alag Alag Alag Alag (Hindi)
Illiterate, naive, and unrefined village belle Chandni had always dreamt of living in luxury, even if it means getting married to a much older man. She travels to Bombay, and after a series of misadventures, meets with rich and wi ...
Not Rated
Starring 1985    
Albeli Albeli (Hindi)
"Pradeep in town" -an announcement in local newspaper finds Geeta, the daughter of the proprietor of Nan Ching Chung hotel, Mr. Verma, pedalling fast towards the theatre where the show is on. But as ill-luck would have its she mis ...
Not Rated
Starring 1955    
Anhonee (1952) Anhonee (1952) (English, Hindi)
Lucknow-based impoverished advocate, Rajkumar Saxena, complains to his landlord about the deplorable condition of his apartment but is instead told by the latter's daughter, Roop, to pay his outstanding rent for over 6 months or f ...
Not Rated
Starring 1952    
Annadata Annadata (Hindi)
After the passing away of her father, a local physician, Aarti takes it upon herself to dispense medicine, as well as sew clothes, and looks after a child named Kundan who has lost his legs to paralysis. She has a admirer in Arun, ...
Not Rated
Starring 1972    
Bahar Bahar (Hindi)
Heroine Lata (Vyjayanthimala) is a modern girl, pursued by villain Shekhar (Pran) but in love with novelist Ashok (Dewan) who turns out to be her neighbor called Kumar. Shekhar fathers a child to be the country girl Malati (Padmin ...
Not Rated
Starring 1951    
Bharosa Bharosa (Hindi)
Money is not every thing, when it's compared your heart. But couldn't be true with people like Raunaklala who have everything but money. Ramdas his master who suffered from a sever disease handed over his lone son Bansi to Raunakl ...
Not Rated
Starring 1950    
Bindiya Bindiya (Hindi)
Devraj & Bindu are in love with each other. Chandan is a simple man who runs a tea shop outside Bindu's hut & treats her as a sister. Bindu and Devraj get married with the help of Mistry Chacha. Bindu keeps Devraj's brother Raju a ...
Not Rated
Playback Singer 1960    
Chor Bazar Chor Bazar (Hindi)
The bases of this story is that everyone in one way or another is a thief. Rich or poor, a king or a beggar, everybody is engaged in depriving the other of something. Whether it be a girl or sweet sixteen stealing someone?s heart, ...
Overall Rating 5.00
Starring 1960    
Come, Embrace Me Come, Embrace Me (Hindi)
Preeti lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with her widower dad, Heerachand, and is a medical student. While on a trip to Simla, she meets and falls in love with a Casanova, Prem, and both get intimate. When her dad opposes ...
Not Rated
Starring 1973    
Dil Apna Preet Parayee Dil Apna Preet Parayee (Hindi)
Karuna (Meena Kumari) comes to Dr. Malhotra's Hospital to etch out a new life for her, leaving behind the pain of an orphan life. At the hospital she meets the respected Dr. Malhotra, a dominating head nurse, a fun loving colleagu ...
Not Rated
Starring 1960    
Dil Tera Deewana Dil Tera Deewana (Hindi)
Wayward, brash, and disobedient Mohan (Shammi Kapoor) is sent by his angry dad Diwan Badriprasad (Ulhas) to a retired army captain Dayaram (Om Prakash) to learn some discipline and respect. But Mohan asks his friend Anokhe (Mehmoo ...
Not Rated
Starring 1962    
Gopi (1970) Gopi (1970) (Hindi)
Gopi (Dilip Kumar) stays in the village with his elder brother, Girdhari (Om Prakash) and their younger sister Nandini (Farida Jalal). Girdhari goes to the landlord Lala (Pran) to take money, which he had saved for Nandini's weddi ...
Not Rated
Starring 1970    
Julie (1975) Julie (1975) (Hindi)
Julie (Lakshmi) is an Anglo-Indian girl who lives with her close-knit family, consisting of her parents (Om Prakash and Nadira), brother (Jalal Agha) and younger sister (Sridevi). Their social traditions are very different from th ...
Not Rated
Starring 1975    
Namak Halaal Namak Halaal (Hindi)
Namak Halaal is about being loyal to the hand that feeds you, even if it means you lose everything in the process. Savitri, (Waheeda Rehman) gave up her son, Arjun (Amitabh Bachchan) to keep a promise to her dying husband. Savitri ...
Overall Rating 5.00
Starring 1982    
Parivar Parivar (Hindi)
"PARIVAR" is not the story of just one family, but it is the story of every such family in India, which believes that children are the blessed gifts of God, little realising that as the size of family increases year by year, so do ...
Not Rated
Starring 1960    
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