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Aadmi Aadmi (Hindi)
Love triangle, Guilt from childhood, beautiful damsel, great songs. Good film
Overall Rating 4.00
Starring 1968    
Anokha Milan Anokha Milan (Hindi)
Tara Sen lives in a small town in India with her parents, a younger brother, sister, and an elder brother who lives in Calcutta. She is friendly with Ghanshyam, affectionately called "Ghana", and often spends time with him near th ...
Not Rated
Starring 1972    
Anokha Pyar Anokha Pyar (Hindi)
The phases of our life are governed by circumstances. You and I feel these circumstances every day, every hour, every minute and every second, so much so that they rule the strings of our feelings, sentiments and actions. We simpl ...
Not Rated
Starring 1948    
Arzoo (Dilip Kumar) Arzoo (Dilip Kumar) (Hindi)
Kamini and Badal, the two dreamers were made for each other. Both of them became young sweethearts. But her father want Badal to be self-supporting before he would allow them toget married, otherwise he had a better match in view ...
Not Rated
Starring 1950    
Babul Babul (Hindi)
When Babu Ramdas's handsome son Ashok came to Madhuban as the new Postmaster, he was the first greeted by Bela the old postman's daughter who was always out for new mischief. In the begning of her pranks and jokes; and he was at ...
Not Rated
Starring 1954    
Bairaag Bairaag (Hindi)
Kailash and Pushpa are a happily married couple. Soon after, Kailash turns blind, his wife gives birth to twins, however, one of his sons is born blind, Kailash does not want his blind son to suffer hence he decides to kill him. B ...
Not Rated
Starring 1976    
Ganga Jamuna Ganga Jamuna (Hindi)
The rambunctious, but honest Ganga (Dilip Kumar) and the somber Jamuna (Nasir Khan) are brothers, united by a close bond of love. Their mother (Leela Chitnis) struggles to raise her sons. Trouble comes when she is framed for theft ...
Overall Rating 3.00
Starring 1961    
Gopi (1970) Gopi (1970) (Hindi)
Gopi (Dilip Kumar) stays in the village with his elder brother, Girdhari (Om Prakash) and their younger sister Nandini (Farida Jalal). Girdhari goes to the landlord Lala (Pran) to take money, which he had saved for Nandini's weddi ...
Not Rated
Starring 1970    
Jab Pyaar Kiya to Darna kya (songs) Jab Pyaar Kiya to Darna kya (songs) (Hindi)
Songs from films like Mughal-E-Azam, Razia Sultan, RajKumar, Aan, Leader, Mother India.
Not Rated
Starring 2005    
Kohinoor Kohinoor (Hindi)
Kohinoor is a story about a Raj Kumar & Raj Kumari. Both are arranged to be married, and both have happily agreed to one another. The obstacles that they undergo is greed and hatred. Kumar has an uncle, who's eyeing Kumar's crown ...
Not Rated
Starring 1960    
Kranti Kranti (Hindi)
Freedom was not a present from the British, presented on a silver platter on a silver platter on a warm August night. It was the culmination of a long and bloody struggle spread over centuries. KRANTI is the epic saga of that stru ...
Overall Rating 5.00
Starring 1981    
Naya Daur Naya Daur (Hindi)
Naya Daur is a story of two friends, Shankar (Dilip Kumar) a tongawala, and Krishna (Ajit) the woodcutter, living in a happy and peaceful village. It is a story of how the two friends become foes due to a chain of events that s ...
Overall Rating 4.00
Starring 1957    
Shakti (1982) (Amitabh) Shakti (1982) (Amitabh) (Hindi)
Inspector Ashwini Kumar (Dilip Kumar) is a brave and dedicated police officer. His young son is kidnapped by J.K. (Amrish Puri) and his men. The kidnappers ask Ashwini to release a criminal in exchange for his son. He refuses to c ...
Overall Rating 4.50
Starring 1982    
The Savage Princess The Savage Princess (Hindi)
A Royal Indian family consists of the Emperor Maharaj (Murad, his brother Shamsher Singh (Premnath) and sister Rajshree (Nadira). A poor villager named Jai Tilak (Dilip Kumar) enters a contest to tame Princess Rajshree's horse and ...
Not Rated
Starring 1956    
Vidhaata Vidhaata (Hindi)
Two friends (Dilip Kumar and Shammi Kapoor) have contrasting views about man and his destiny. One believes that man is the master of his destiny. His friend is of the opinion that everything in the world is decided by fate. One of ...
Not Rated
Starring 1982    
Yug the law of karma Yug the law of karma (Hindi)
Yug film showcases the pious love relationship between father and daughter. When the law does't provide justice to the father, he is compelled to choose his own path to seek justice for his daughter.
Not Rated
Starring 2021    

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