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Shart - The Challenge - 2004 [DVD]

Shart - The Challenge


Overall Rating
Overall Rating 3

My Rating
Not Rated
Starring : Tusshar Kapoor, Gracy Singh, Amrita Arora, Shakti Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Puri Jagannath
Lyricist : Sameer
Artist : Rajpal Yadav
Music : Anu Malik
MPAA Rating for Shart - The Challenge UnRated
Year : 2004
Playtime : 150 Minutes
Lang : Hindi
Genre : More New Releases**
Karan has a habit of involving himself in all types of challenges and mostly he wins. While Karan and Sonam go about singing and dancing, there comes a moment when an argument develops between them regarding 'Love'. They argue on the topic of how love blossoms between a boy and a girl. Sonam believes in 'Love at first Sight' while Karan opposes that theory vehemently saying 'Love at first sight' is nothing but infatuation. True love generates with acquaintance and friendship. She does not agree with him.

Finally she challenges Karan to befriend and propose a girl of her choice. If he succeeds in doing so, she will accept defeat and present Karan with a gift, which he has to accept. Karan accepts the challenge. Just then one beautiful girl steps down the temple stairs towards her car. Sonam points at her as the target for their challenge. The girl is none other than Sarayu. Adopting different methods, Karan ultimately strikes a chord of friendship with Sarayu. One day, Sarayu's brother Nanda sees them together. Nanda and his goons simply thrash people black and blue if they dare to cast an evil eye on Sarayu. He goes to Karan's office along with his henchmen. After heavy scuffle Nanda gives Karan strict warning to keep aloof from his sister Sarayu.

Seeing the rough behavior of Nanda and his gang, Sonam expresses her wish to withdraw her challenge. But Karan is now more determined to face Nanda at any cost. Sarayu learns about this confrontation and fearing further worsening of the situation decides to reveal every thing to her brother Nanda. While he is in a jolly mood she confesses of her love. But Nanda gets enraged and disapproves of Karan. Highly depressed by this, Sarayu attempts suicide.

Karan learns about the suicide attempt of Sarayu and runs to the hospital to meet her. When Karan enters Sarayu's room, Nanda tries to stop him. Again a scuffle erupts between the two, which is paused by Sarayu's emotional outburst. Seeing her in that condition, Nanda feels very sad and says he would have approved of their marriage but Karan is a cheat. “He is in love with another girl and they are going to marry shortly”. Sarayu does not believe this. When she questions Karan, he says what Nanda has said is a fact. He divulges of his challenge with Sonam. Sarayu feels more betrayed and starts moving out.

Sonam observes all this and tells Karan that he has won the challenge for which her gift to him is Sarayu's hand. i.e. Karan has to marry Sarayu. But Sarayu confronts Sonam claiming, “You and Karan have been loving each other since a long time. So you should marry him and not me”.

Finally Karan's marriage is celebrated with one of these girls. Who is that girl and how it happens forms the climax part of the story.

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1 member reviews for this DVD
Strong music with poor script 3 Star SB
The movie is a remake of a South Indian (Telugu) blockbuster, called Badri.

The story is quite simple. We have a popular ad maker, Karan Kapoor (Tushaar Kapoor) engaged to his childhood friend Sonam (Gracy Singh). Both are in love and one day they get into a debate. Sonam believes in love at sight, while Karan believes love takes time to build. So Sonam challenges him to convince any girl of her choosing to fall in love with him. Karan accepts since he loves to live on challenges. Anyways, the whole point being that Sonam wants him to fall in love with a girl named Sarayu (Amrita Arora). She has an overprotective brother named Nanda (Prakashraj), who looks like a criminal.

The pointless tussle between the hot-headed and self-serving adman and the hotheaded over-possessive brother takes audiences through unbearable twists and turns that are filled with tons of tormenting tunes, which can be credited to Anu Malik.

The music is the strong point of the movie. Songs are melodious and the beats are good too!
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