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Sambandh - 1969 [DVD]



Overall Rating
Not Rated

My Rating
Not Rated
Starring : Deb Mukherjee, Anjana, Pradeep Kumar, Sulochana, Achala Sachdev, Abhi Bhattacharya, Leela Mishra, Jankidas
MPAA Rating for Sambandh Not Rated
Year : 1969
Playtime : 169 Minutes
Lang : Hindi
Genre : Social
'Who says you cannot Manav? You have to be as great as your great father.'This was the converstion going on between Manav and Mrs.Sen. But who was his great fathe? His father Umakant was a great Jagirdar, who dreamt of the betterment of his people. On the call of the democracy of Free India he left his zamindari because he wanted to wipe out the curse of injustice done to the people by his ancestors. His palace was mortgaged to Hirala, and the mean-minded Hiralal snatched his palace. Jagirdar umakant came out on the streets with his wife Sumati and his son Manav with the ideal of living like a common man.Then he stood firm in front of the crude reality of life. He left his wife and his son with his best friend Sunder Lal, and went out in search of a job because he didnot want them to share his miseries. Poor Sumati awaited her husband for months, but she couldn't get any news of Umakant. Then, considering about the future of Manav, she took manav to hr relative's place at Calcutta and left her address for her husband. She couldn't get her relatives at Calcutta, but got shelter in the childless family of Anupama and Satish. A woman is always a mother, whether she has got a child or not so, the motherhood of Anupama adopted Manav as her own son. Sumati left Manav with Anupama and went out in search of her husband. Destiny divided them, tore them, them to different paths. The days became months months became years and this way, twelve years passed and fate brought a sweet scented spring in Manav's life. He got the love of Anupama, but his soul used to weep because he couldn't forget his lost parents. In the midst of tears, remembrances and sorrows, Nature consoled him and the idol of consolation was Sandhay, the distant relative of Anupama. Sandhya, became the dream girl of Manav because on her face, he saw the shaede of his lost mother. It was Manva's birthday, and the grief-stricken face of his lost mother came before his eyes, Manav couldn't resist his feelings and sang out the song of his miseries. But Anupama couldn't bear it and she fainted. Manav understood Anupama's feeling and ralised his fault. He promised Anupama that no power on earth could separate them. Sandhya silently realized the agony of Manas heart. Her love gave a temporary solace to Manav's restless mind. And one day in a most unexpected moment, his father Umakant appeared before him. But Manav couldn't disclose his identity and says 'I am your lost Manav,' as he had promised Anupama no power on earth can separate them. Manav, introduced himself as Amit Roy. Umakant had become a great industrialist and the lady, who inspited him to be a big man, was Shanti Devi Success touched his long lost mother, for whom Manav ahd craved for twelve years, but couldn't get her address. He went out in search of his Mother in Benares. On the other hand, Anupama who loved Manav like her own son became cruel to him. Her affection given hm a heaven, but that heaven was made of glass. So, the heaven of twelve years was broken into pieces. Sandhya's father also misunderstood Manav and Manav, the traveler of life, came out on the streets. Why did Anupama treat Manav so harshly? Could he get back his sweet heart Sandhya as his life partner? Could he search out his mother? Could he unite his parents? The answer to all these questions of fate is the heart touching story of "SAMBANDH".

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Sambandh DVD Details
Year : 1969
Playtime : 169 Minutes
Lang : Hindi
Release : Eros Entertainment
Genre : Social
Rating : NR - Not Rated
Category : Bollywood DVD
Sambandh Songs
 Apni Ma Ki Kismet Par Mere Bete Tu
 Apni Matha Ke Dulare Bacche Ab To
 Chal Akela Chal Akela Chal Akela Tera Mela
 Chiragon Ka Laga Mela Ye Janki Khubsurat
 He Jagath Pitha Paramatma Karo Nirmal Meri
 Kis Bagh Me Mai Janma Jo Diya Tha Tumne
 Mai Ankon Me Milan Ki Ek Tadpan
 Mere Pas Na Hai Aur Na Kuch
 Tu Hi Mere Din Ka Suraj Mai To
 Tumko To Karodon Saal Huye Bathlavo Gagan
 Uttar Dakshin Poorab Paschim Andhere

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