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Baghban - 2003 [DVD]



Overall Rating
Overall Rating 4.2

My Rating
Not Rated
Starring : Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini
Director : Ravi Chopra
Producer : B R Chopra
Music Director : Adesh Shrivastav
Lyricist : Sameer
Story Writer : Achala Nagar
Cameraman : Barun Mukherji
Artist : Salman Khan, Mahima Chaudhury, Paresh Rawal, Aman Verma, Lillete Dubey, Sameer Soni, Saahil Chadda, Nasir Khan, Sharad Saxena, Asrani
MPAA Rating for Baghban Not Rated
Year : 2003
Playtime : 171 Minutes
Lang : Hindi
Genre : Drama
Baghban is the story of Raj Malhotra and his family - his wife Pooja and four sons. Just as a gardener (Baghban) who plants a seed and nurses it to a tree hoping to rest in its shade. Raj (Amitabh Bachchan) and Pooja (Hema Malini) have brought up their four sons, who are well educated and settled in their respective professions.

Their life if full of joy and prosperity and Raj has invested all his savings in his children, as he believes they are his assets that would secure his future.

But when he retires, life changes. None of his children are ready to take their parents responsibility to the extent that Raj and Pooja are dependent on the kindness of friends and strangers.

How Raj and Pooja strive hard and overcome these turmoils and emerge as winners, forms the crux of the story.

It is a story that asks a question to society ... If a man who has helped you take your first step of your life, why can't you help him walk the last step?

BAGHBAN raises a big question ... Can you depend on your family?

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Member Reviews
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2 members reviews for this DVD
Highly recommended 4 Star AL
This is a beautifully done film with Amitabh Bachchan as the husband of an aging couple who love their children. Unknown to this couple, their children secretly despise them, and in time this fact is revealed to them. The story is interesting to watch and threaded around a sequence of ironies. Those who should have the most respect for the couple have the least, while complete strangers end up showing more respect for them than their own flesh and blood. In one scene it is conveyed that the children have more sympathy for the couples' pet dogs than for them. Young child artist Yash Pathok's role as Rahul, a grandson of the couple, sneaks up on you. Some might remember him as star of the movie "Rahul" from 2001. His "grandson" role at first seems to be incidental and a background role, yet worms its way to a very emotional and important ingredient in the story. In fact, he has a very short but demanding scene in which his acting is quite impressive. Of course, Salman Kahn has a pivetal role in the film which I do not wish to divulge. The music is enjoyable and nicely interwoven with the plot. The ending dialogue/speech by Bachan's role is astounding. Movie overall is long and slow paced, but worth every minute.
Don't miss this one! 5 Star MV
This Movie is awesome. I was surprised at the comeback of Hema Malini. Her character rang true. And she is still a very good actress and has maintained her style and beauty after all these years. This movie was tailor made for Amitabh. These kinds of roles suit much better nowadays than lets say Lal Baadshah. I do no think he should be playing roles of the "Angry man role" anymore. Amitabh's character is sensitive yet strong and powerful. However, the Movie would have not been that entertaining had it not been for Paresh Rawal. His comedic timing is outstanding, and it is joy to watch him on the screen. The subject matter was really heavy, yet he brought a breeze of fresh air into the movie. One would welcome a brief period of laughter in to the sadness that was all around. It was disappointment that Baghban did not win any awards. I thought Hema Malini definitely deserved recognition for her role. Salman Khan's brief appearance also had a great impact on the movie. I enjoyed the character of the kids, because it is a lot easier to play a good guy than to play the antagonist. The musical numbers were really not memorable however overall this movie is a delight to watch and should not be missed.
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