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Dangerous Hour, The (MP3) Dangerous Hour, The (MP3)
Complacency can make a person careless, and Sharon McCone, who makes crime her business, should know that better than most. One minute she's riding high with her detective agency expanding, her bank account growing, and her only " ...
Not Rated
English 2004   
Dead Easy (MP3) Dead Easy (MP3)
A Flap Tucker Mystery. On a dark street outside a nightclub called Easy, a man is gunned down by a handsome killer everyone thought was dead. Now, someone is stalking the club owner, Dalliance Oglethorpe. A someone she thought she ...
Customer Average Rating 4.0000000000000000
English 2007   
Dead Wrong (MP3) by J. A. Jance Dead Wrong (MP3) by J. A. Jance
Juggling a family and a career is never easy -- and it's becoming a real challenge for Sheriff Joanna Brady. Coping with the impending delivery of her second child as well as a staff shortage, the last thing Joanna needs are two s ...
Customer Average Rating 5.0000000000000000
English 2007   
Dead Wrong (MP3) by Robert L. Iles Dead Wrong (MP3) by Robert L. Iles
A beautiful young woman is brutally murdered. Sheriff Walker Whitlow knows he's found the murderer of young Eileen Matthews, but lab tests seem to prove that the suspect isn't the murderer.
Customer Average Rating 4.0000000000000000
English 2008   
Dead Yard, The (MP3) Dead Yard, The (MP3)
Available: 28 February 06 In this breathtaking sequel to Dead I Well May Be, “the most captivating crime novel of 2003” (The Philadelphia Inquirer), the mercenary Michael Forsythe is forced to infiltrate an Irish terrorist c ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Deep Black: Biowar (MP3) Deep Black: Biowar (MP3)
Dr. James Kegan, a world-renowned scientist specializing in germ warfare, has vanished from his upstate New York home. But this is no ordinary missing-persons case. Kegan has left behind an unidentified dead man with a .22 caliber ...
Not Rated
English 2004   
Deep Black Dark Zone (MP3) Deep Black Dark Zone (MP3)
Dark Fear In a secluded headquarters on the other side of the globe, a terrorist mission is underway - a plan to set off an underwater explosion so great, and with such hellish force, that it could shift the very foundation of the ...
Not Rated
English 2004   
Deep Fire Rising (MP3) Deep Fire Rising (MP3)
Hired to lead the excavation of caverns deep beneath Area 51, Philip Mercer finds himself drilling straight into the epicenter of an age-old conspiracy. A reclusive order of Himalayan monks, through special knowledge of the earth' ...
Not Rated
English 2003   
Die A Little (MP3) Die A Little (MP3)
How does a respectable young woman fall into Los Angeles' hard-boiled underworld? Shadow-dodging through the glamorous world of 1950s Hollywood and its seedy flip side, Megan Abbott's debut, Die a Little, is a gem of the darke ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Die Another Day (MP3) Die Another Day (MP3)
From North Korea to Iceland, Bond circles the world in his quest to unmask a traitor and prevent a war of catastrophic proportions. Crossing paths with beautiful allies and deadly assassins in a high-octane, action adventure of in ...
Not Rated
English 2002   
Dirty Work (MP3) Dirty Work (MP3)
Back in New York City after the London adventures of The Short Forever, cop-turned-lawyer Stone Barrington is approached by a colleague at the firm of Woodman & Weld who needs help with a celebrity divorce case. Heiress Elena Mark ...
Not Rated
English 2003   
Dolomite Solution, The (MP3) Dolomite Solution, The (MP3)
Murder, suspense, and intrigue propel this third Jake Adams mystery thriller from the Dolomite Mountains of northern Italy, to the winding back streets of Innsbruck, Austria, and across the Atlantic to Boston and Rhode Island's Na ...
Not Rated
English 2006   

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