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Reunions Can Be Murder (MP3) Reunions Can Be Murder (MP3)
Crimson City
Customer Average Rating 3.0000000000000000
English 2007   
Rider of the Ruby Hills, The (MP3) Rider of the Ruby Hills, The (MP3)
Unabridged Audio Sample "Ross Hardy had made his decision. He sat in the middle of all he owned, a splendid Appaloosa gelding, a fine California saddle, a .44 Winchester rifle, and two walnut-stocked Colt .44 pistols. These we ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Riders of the Dawn (MP3) Riders of the Dawn (MP3)
Riders of the Dawn by Louis L’Amour read by Jim Gough Unabridged Audio Sample Early in Louis L’Amour’s career, he wrote a number of novel-length stories for “pulp” western magazines. “I lived with my characters ...
Not Rated
English 2006   
Rip Van Winkle & Other Stories(MP3) Rip Van Winkle & Other Stories(MP3)
You are probably familiar with the popularized stories of Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but have you read the original unabridged versions by Washington Irving? His skillfully written and colorful tales have much ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Rise and Fall of Alexandria, The (MP3) Rise and Fall of Alexandria, The (MP3)
The Rise and Fall of Alexandria Birthplace of the Modern Mind By Justin Pollard, Howard Reid Narrated by Simon Vance Founded by Alexander the Great and built by self-styled Greek pharaohs, the city of Alexandria at its h ...
Not Rated
English 2007   
River, The (MP3) River, The (MP3)
"Moving and impressive, strongly atmospheric. A remarkable achievement."-Penelope Lively ". . . skillfully evokes a sense of impending doom . . . with a finale that Daphne du Maurier herself would have been proud of."-Daily Ma ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Rocket Ship Galileo (MP3) Rocket Ship Galileo (MP3)
Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert A Heinlein read by Spider Robinson Unabridged From Robert A. Heinlein, the grand master of science fiction and the author of such novels as Starship Troopers and Stranger in a Strange Lan ...
Not Rated
English 2007   
Rum Diary, The: A Novel (MP3) Rum Diary, The: A Novel (MP3)
“A great and an unexpected joy….reveals a young Hunter Thompson brimming with talent.”—Philadelphia Inquirer “Enough booze to float a yacht and enough fear and loathing to sink it.”—New York Daily News Begun ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Rumsfeld's War (MP3) Rumsfeld's War (MP3)
The man in the cockpit fighting the war on terror. When terrorists crashed a plane into the Pentagon, he was there-helping carry the wounded to safety. And he's been there-leading the war on terror, directing its operations ar ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Run the Risk (MP3) Run the Risk (MP3)
detective faces a horrifying choice between love and duty in this hair-raising debut. Reminiscent of the best in today's suspense-from Jeffery Deaver's roller-coaster twists to James Patterson's cinematic pacing-Run the Risk i ...
Not Rated
English 2005   

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