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Adventures of Gerard, The (MP3) Adventures of Gerard, The (MP3)
Napoleon's presumptuous, but unsung hero, the Brigadier Gerard faces certain death at every turn while outwitting the enemies of France! Gerard careens across Europe, swept along in the ebb and flow of the Napoleonic wars. This se ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Animal Farm (MP3) Animal Farm (MP3)
George Orwell's classic satire of the Russian Revolution is an intimate part of our contemporary culture. Animal Farm has been read and reread and quoted so often that we tend to forget who wrote the original words. It is an accou ...
Not Rated
English 2004   
Assassin, The (MP3) (Author R. Karl Largent ) Assassin, The (MP3) (Author R. Karl Largent )
It began when satellite photos revealed certain anomalies along the border of Saudi Arabia and Jordan: entire areas with no signs of life. That combined with reports from Iraq that nomadic tribes are being decimated by mysterious ...
Not Rated
English 2006   
Baree the Wolf-Dog (MP3) Baree the Wolf-Dog (MP3)
Baree was the son of a grey wolf and a black dog, born in the vast Canadian wilderness. He learns about nature and his fellow animals by trial and error - Fighting with owls and playing with beavers. Being alone in the wild, he de ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Burn Before Reading (MP3) Burn Before Reading (MP3)
Presidents, CIA Directors, and Secret Intelligence By Stansfield Turner Narrated by Michael Prichard As never before, the American public is fascinated by how the United States government gathers intelligence. And there is ...
Not Rated
English 2006   
Casca: God of Death (MP3) Casca: God of Death (MP3)
CASCA Series Book #2. He was cursed by Jesus on Golgotha, condemned to immortality and the life of a soldier, until the Second Coming. Galley slave and gladiator, warrior and vagabond, Casca travels the world living by his wits an ...
Not Rated
English 2006   
Casca: The African Mercenary (MP3) Casca: The African Mercenary (MP3)
CASCA Series Book #12. Casca Longinus, witness to the crucifixion of Christ on Golgotha. Emerging in our modern world as "Casey Romain," he gathers the best-trained mercenaries available to topple the regime of Matthew Dzhombe, th ...
Not Rated
English 2006   
Casca: The Conquistador (MP3) Casca: The Conquistador (MP3)
CASCA Series Book #10. Casca Longinus: Cursed by Christ on Golgotha, condemned to outlive the ages, wandering the globe as a constant soldier. Forever fighting, surviving, and waiting for Him to return. Now Casca is in Sixteenth C ...
Customer Average Rating 1.00000000000000000000
English 2006   
Casca: The Eternal Mercenary (MP3) Casca: The Eternal Mercenary (MP3)
CASCA Series Book #1. When they flew Casey into the hospital at Nha Trang, the medics were sure he would die. That he didn't was only the first surprise. The second, and bigger one, was that Casey had been fighting for two thousan ...
Not Rated
English 2006   
Casca: The Samurai (MP3) Casca: The Samurai (MP3)
CASCA Series Book #19. Casca Longinus. Cursed by Christ on Golgotha. Condemned to outlive the ages, and wander the globe a constant soldier. Forever fighting and surviving, he must wait for Christ to return. Feudal Japan: A forbid ...
Not Rated
English 2006   
Central Asia War Journal (MP3) Central Asia War Journal (MP3)
Part 1-Kurgyz-Knot Assingment--In 1991, Col. "Bo" was sent an urgent message to attend a National Security Council meeting at Camp David with Henry Kissinger & Alexander Haig. Part 2-Escape from Afghanistan--In 1980, Col. "Bo" acc ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Chickamauga (MP3) Chickamauga (MP3)
Chickamauga is the seventh book in a series of historical novels spanning the Civil War and describing its effects on one southern family. The action spans the area from Pennsylvania and Virginia to Georgia, Mississippi, and Ill ...
Customer Average Rating 3.0000000000000000
English 2005   
Civil War: A Narrative, Vol 3, D1 of 3 (MP3) Civil War: A Narrative, Vol 3, D1 of 3 (MP3)
In the third-and last-volume of this vivid history, Shelby Foote brings to a close the story of four years of turmoil and strife which altered American life forever. Here, told in vivid narrative and as seen from both sides, are t ...
Not Rated
English 2003   
Civil War, The: A Narrative, Vol 1 - D1 of 3 (MP3) Civil War, The: A Narrative, Vol 1 - D1 of 3 (MP3)
Here begins one of the most remarkable works of history ever fashioned. All the great battles are here, of course, from Bull Run through Shiloh, the Seven Days, Second Manassas to Antietam and Perryville in the fall of 1862, but s ...
Not Rated
English 2003   
Common Sense (MP3) Common Sense (MP3)
George Washington wrote, "I find that Common Sense is working a powerful change there (Virginia) in the minds of many men." The listener will be captivated and given a greater understanding of the forces underlying the founding of ...
Not Rated
English 2003   
Deep Lie (MP3) Deep Lie (MP3)
The classic techno-thriller of superpower espionage from New York Times bestselling master of suspense Stuart Woods! Sifting through reams of seemingly unrelated intelligence, CIA analyst Katherine Rule discovers a chilling patter ...
Not Rated
English 2001   
Flying Through Midnight - Vol 2 of 2 (MP3) Flying Through Midnight - Vol 2 of 2 (MP3)
Flying Through Midnight A Pilot's Dramatic Story of His Secret Missions Over Laos During the Vietnam War By John T. Halliday Narrated by William Dufris A Pilot's Dramatic Story of His Secret Missions Over Laos During the V ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3) Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3)
The Ghost Squad embarks on a top secret land operation in mid-1944 at the request of the US Navy. On a monsoon drenched night a Petty Officer fell or was pushed off his PT boat in the Leyte Gulf. A strong swimmer, the Navy believe ...
Not Rated
English 2006   
How to Survive a Robot Uprising (MP3) How to Survive a Robot Uprising (MP3)
Tips on Defending Yourself against the Coming Rebellion This is an inspired and hilarious look at how humans can defeat the inevitable robot rebellion, as revealed by a robotics expert. The robots are coming. Are you ready ...
Not Rated
English 2005   
Jedburghs, The (MP3) Jedburghs, The (MP3)
By Will Irwin Narrated by Patrick Lawlor The first full history of the pioneering Special Forces units of World War II-dropped behind German lines into France to assist with the D-Day landings-told by a former U.S. Special For ...
Not Rated
English 2006   
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