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Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3) - 2006 [Audio Book]

Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3)


Buy  Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3)

Overall Rating
Not Rated

My Rating
Not Rated
Author : Bob Casemore
Read By : Jerry Sciarrio
MPAA Rating for Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3) Not Rated
Sound : MP3
Year : 2006
Playtime : 420 Minutes
Lang : English
Genre : Fiction
List : $24.95
Price : $8.99 (Used)
Condition : Used
The Ghost Squad embarks on a top secret land operation in mid-1944 at the request of the US Navy. On a monsoon drenched night a Petty Officer fell or was pushed off his PT boat in the Leyte Gulf. A strong swimmer, the Navy believes the sailor made it to shore. On his arm is a tattoo. Unknown to him, the tattoo is the code for U. S. Forces landing operations on Leyte. The squad's danger filled mission is to find and retrieve the officer before Japanese officials can find him and break the code. It's a heart-stopping search through enemy infested Philippine jungles, leading to a spine-tingling conclusion on an isolated ocean reef. Read by Jerry Sciarrio. 7 hrs.

  Details for Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3)Member Reviews for Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3)
Ghost Squadron: Operation Tattoo (MP3) Audio Book Details
Sound : MP3
Other : Unabridged
Year : 2006
Playtime : 420 Minutes
Lang : English
Format : MP3
Release : Books In Motion
Genre : Fiction, War/Military
Rating : NR - Not Rated
Category : AudioBooks

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