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American Heroes: David Crockett (MP3) - 2006 [Audio Book]

American Heroes: David Crockett (MP3)


Buy  American Heroes: David Crockett (MP3)

Overall Rating
Not Rated

My Rating
Not Rated
Author : William Groneman 3rd.
Read By : Rusty Nelson
MPAA Rating for American Heroes: David Crockett (MP3) Not Rated
Sound : MP3
Year : 2006
Playtime : 330 Minutes
Lang : English
Genre : History
List : $24.95
Price : $8.99 (Used)
Condition : Used
Perhaps no other figure in American history is more shrouded in myth and legend than David ("Davy") Crockett, the Tennessee frontiersman whose death at the Alamo in 1836 ensured his place in the Valhalla of American heroes. Crockett himself was responsible for much of the folklore about his life. A gregarious, fun-loving man, he was more than capable of spinning tall tales over a "horn" of liquor. But in truth David Crockett was a true self-made man who left home at the age of twelve. His adventures, hunting and exploring, serving as a soldier under Andrew Jackson in the Creek Indian War of 1813, a political career that took him to the United States Congress, and incessant search for "elbow room" that drew him to Texas, these were the real fabric of a heroic life. Crockett’s reputation and heroism have been tainted by revisionist historians, but David Crockett was a true hero exemplified in new evidence that the Tennessean actually left the Alamo during the siege to bring back reinforcements, but when he was safely outside the walls, he fought his way back in to rejoin his friends for the final, fatal, battle. Read by Rusty Nelson. 5.5 hrs.

  Details for American Heroes: David Crockett (MP3)Member Reviews for American Heroes: David Crockett (MP3)
American Heroes: David Crockett (MP3) Audio Book Details
Sound : MP3
Other : Unabridged
Year : 2006
Playtime : 330 Minutes
Lang : English
Format : MP3
Release : Books In Motion
Genre : History, Non-Fiction
Rating : NR - Not Rated
Category : AudioBooks

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