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Image Item                   Customer rating Lang Year  
Haiwan Haiwan
Girls who go out to work and have their own dreams and aspirations are exploited by a 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' character for his own benefit.
Not Rated
Hindi 1977   
Manichitrathazhu Manichitrathazhu
Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Sunny Joseph lives in America. He decides to travel to a town in India after he gets a distress call from his friend, who belongs to a very noble and wealthy family, to counsel and treat a female family m ...
Not Rated
Malayalam 1993   
Darna Mana Hai Darna Mana Hai
It is a dark chilly night. Six friends are crossing a jungle on their way back home, when their car breaks down. The group is forced to take shelter in an abandoned ruin. To get through the night, they start telling each other sto ...
Customer Average Rating 3.6666666666666667
Hindi 2003   
Hawa Hawa
After being separated from her heartless, over ambitious husband, Renu has been running her mother�s antique shop at Manali Market, to make two ends meet. But eventually she has to sell out her family house and move out to the o ...
Customer Average Rating 5.0000000000000000
Hindi 2003   
Ek Aatma Ek Aatma
This is a story of female ghost who after her death also, loves her husband and tries all the tricks to him back which mainly includes the death of his present wife but the husband who is unaware of all this due to the memory loss ...
Customer Average Rating 2.0000000000000000
Hindi 2004   
Vaastu Shastra Vaastu Shastra
Virag ( JD Chakravarthy ) is a writer and his wife Jhilmil (Sushmita Sen ) is a doctor. Both of them are working and living in Pune and has a son Rohan (Ahsaas Channa). Jhilmil's younger sister, Radhika [Peeya Rai Choudhuri], also ...
Customer Average Rating 3.4000000000000000
Hindi 2004   
A Film by Aravind A Film by Aravind
Best friends since childhood Aravind and Rishi struggled for film industry fame before Aravind's films with Rishi as hero become successful. They plan to go on a road trip to search for inspiration to write the script of a third f ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2005   
Chand Bujh Gaya Chand Bujh Gaya
"Chand Bujh Gaya" is a musical love story in the backdrop of communal riots in Gujarat followed by Godhra incident. The film narrates the love story of a Hindu boy, played by Faisal Khan, and a Muslim girl, Shama Sikander, against ...
Customer Average Rating 4.0000000000000000
Hindi 2005   
Naam Gum Jaayega Naam Gum Jaayega
Ghosts.spirits.rebirth. Things hitherto beyond the realm of human understanding - Do these things really exists? Are they actually what and how they appear to be? Is a scientific explanation for these eerie experiences possible? T ...
Customer Average Rating 2.7500000000000000
Hindi 2005   
Sardar(Original Speeches) Sardar(Original Speeches)
This DVD contains original speeches of Sardar Patel. This Biographical epic on Sardar Patel concentrates largely on the last five years of Sradar’s life from 1945 to 1950 when he strode on the national scene, a key figure i ...
Not Rated
English, Hindi 2005   
Aatma Aatma
Young doctor Aman (Kapil Jhaveri) gets an unusual demand on his first wedding anniversary night. A visitor requests him to perform a post-mortem on a dead body lying in the morgue and give an honest report as that would help in br ...
Customer Average Rating 3.3333333333333333
Hindi 2006   
Darna Zaroori Hai Darna Zaroori Hai
If "Darna Mana Hai" was big, the supposed sequel "Darna Zaroori Hai" is colossal. Bigger stars and multiple directors! Here again the movie has six separate episodes that end up to a common climax. Interestingly each of the six ep ...
Customer Average Rating 4.5000000000000000
Hindi 2006   
Naina (2006) Naina (2006)
On the day of solar eclipse, a young girl of 5 loses her eyesight and her parents, in a freak accident in London. Twenty years later, she (Urmila Matondkar) is bestowed with the gift of sight. Thanks to the marvels of modern say s ...
Customer Average Rating 3.0000000000000000
Hindi 2006   
Bhool Bhulaiyaa Bhool Bhulaiyaa
Badri heads a Brahmin family whose ancestral palace is believed to be haunted. One day, Siddharth and Avni, the son and daughter-in-law of Badri's elder brother return to their native village from America. Events take on a twist w ...
Customer Average Rating 4.3333333333333333
Hindi 2007   
Ghutan Ghutan
The movie is a horror film about a ghost of a woman taking revenge on her cruel husband. Ravi Kapoor (Aryan Vaid) runs a company owned by his wife, Catherine (Hina Rehman). He has married Catherine only for her money and does n ...
Customer Average Rating 3.0000000000000000
Hindi 2007   
1920 1920
Set in 1920, a young recently married couple face parnormal circumstances. Rajneesh Duggal is urged to kill his wife Adah Sharma by his family. They move to Palanpur and face what seems to be a haunted house.
Customer Average Rating 3.3333333333333333
Hindi 2008   
Bhoothnath Bhoothnath
Aditya Sharma, his wife, Anjali, and their son, Aman alias Banku, come to Goa and rent a bungalow. Aditya has to leave Goa for his office work and Anjali and Banku are left alone in the vast bungalow. Soon, Banku encounters the gh ...
Customer Average Rating 4.5000000000000000
Hindi 2008   
Strangers Strangers
Mr.Rai is a successful management giant, who on the face of it, is leading the life that everybody dreams of; Rahul, the flamboyant writer with a flop career is an existence that can only be an example but never an ideal. Their co ...
Customer Average Rating 3.0000000000000000
Hindi 2008   
13B 13B
In today's world of unrelenting pressures, challenged survivals and super fast life styles, the major source of Relief, Information and Entertainment is... the TV. So much so, that it has moved up from its modest position of being ...
Customer Average Rating 3.3333333333333333
Hindi 2009   
Raaz: The Mystery Continues Raaz: The Mystery Continues
Attractive runway model Nandita Chopra's boyfriend Yash Dayal runs a TV serial, 'Andhvishwas'--documenting proof that there are no ghosts, ghouls, or even God. Things spiral out of control when she finds wounds all over her body, ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2009   
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