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30 Days 30 Days
It is the story of a Super Cop Inspector Vijay, who solves his cases in just 30 days. In one such mission he si snent to Ramgadh. There ghosts appear in night. They kill those who follow them. Even the dead body of the victim is n ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2004   
Aakhri Badla Aakhri Badla
Mithun, Prem Chopra, Tom Altor, Shiva, Yogita Bali, Jayshree English Subtitles. Released by Shemaroo. Kama Kazi, an international smuggling gang, with its tentacles spread far and wide. When Interpol is about to raid its hid ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1989   
Achanak (Govinda) Achanak (Govinda)

Not Rated
Hindi 1998   
Ankhon Mein Tum Ho Ankhon Mein Tum Ho
Prem Kapoor lives a wealthy life-style with his grandfather, as his parents had passed away in a plane crash when he was a child. Since that day his grandfather had nothing but regret as he had refused to listen to his astrologer ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1997   
Bhram - An Illusion Bhram - An Illusion
A beautiful and successful model Antara, and the most eligible bachelor Shantanu, come together with his love and her checkered past.
Not Rated
Hindi 2008   
Bolo Ram Bolo Ram
Raam goes in silent state of shock after being accussed of killing his mother. As both police and psychiatrist try to get him to speak to solve the mystery the neighbors come into picture.
Not Rated
Hindi 2010   
Dansh (Sting) Dansh (Sting)
Official Selection: Osian's Cinefan 2005 - Festival of Asian Cinema Palm Springs 2006 - International Film Festival Bangkom 2006 - International Film Festival Set in the north eastern Indian state of Mizoram, Dansh (Stin ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2005   
Dhund - The Fog Dhund - The Fog
Samir [Amar Upadhyay] falls in love with Simran [Aditi Govitrikar], a model by profession. Simran is all set to take part in a beauty pageant, but Ajit Khurana [Irfan] warns her against doing so, since he wants his sister [Shweta ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2003   
Do Anjane Do Anjane
The story of a man who is found wounded in Coma besides railway tracks. After waking up from the Coma he realizes that he does not know who he is and where he has come from. One day when he is watching a movie, he is astonished as ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1970   
Do Qaidi Do Qaidi
Do Qaidi is the story of two goondas named Kannu and Mannu, who are looking for each other to settle their account. An ill luck would have it , both are arrested for the crime thay are ignorant of, chained together and put behind ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1989   
Ek Hi Bhool (2005) Ek Hi Bhool (2005)
A married woman and her family get entrapped in a maze of blackmail after she engages herself in lustful and dangerous liasons.
Not Rated
Hindi 2005   
Gambler (1971) Gambler (1971)
Raja has been abandoned by his biological mother at a very young age, and grows up with Master, a criminal don and card-sharp, who would like Raja to continue working with him on a commission basis. Raja learns all that be could b ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1971   
Inkaar Inkaar
Shreeman Lagoo is a rich man, living a good life. Until on his anniversary, he gets a distrurbing call…his son has been kidnapped! Alas, the bad guys got the wrong son. Is it really his servant's son who has been abducted? Is he ...
Not Rated
Hindi 1977   
Inteqam - The Perfect Game (new) Inteqam - The Perfect Game (new)
Inteqam is about Anantika Suryavanshi (Isha Kopikar), a rich and beautiful young woman who is on a business visit to India. Her friend Aditya Grewal hosts a party to honour her arrival and in the same party gets brutally murdered. ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2004   
Jugaad Jugaad
Jugaad is real life. Based on MCD sealing in Delhi is the first real experience of the successful CEO of an advertising agency. Jugaad, starts with the hectic work culture slept with lots of humor and a spirit of dialogue with the ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2009   
Khote Sikkay Khote Sikkay
False currency is the current currency in our society. This is the exciting story of those five adventurous young men who earn theri livelihood in the city by doing all kinds of odd and unusual jobs. All five of them are strikingl ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2005   
Kroadh Kroadh

Not Rated
Hindi 1990   
Mashooka (Meghna Naidu) Mashooka (Meghna Naidu)
The Lady who crosses all the limits of lunacy to get her lover is called MASHOOKA. One day the friendship of Sanjana (Meghna Naidu) and Vikky (Aditya Bal) turns into a relationship, which in the eyes of Vikky is a mistake, while ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2005   
Red Swastik Red Swastik
In a bedroom of a very plush apartment in Mumbai, a middle aged corporate honcho is brutally done to death by a sexy siren soon after a wild love making during the day. The man had apparently engaged this lady of pleasures when hi ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2007   
Red - The Dark Side Red - The Dark Side
Neel Oberoi – A billionaire bachelor. The world was his oyster. Truly the man who had it all. But did he? Diagnosed with a fatal heart ailment, Neel’s life had come to a screeching halt. Only a miracle could save him and ye ...
Not Rated
Hindi 2007   
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